Netflix Pushes It’s Interactive Content Strategy With The Release Of Cat Burglar, Mobile Gaming Is On The Horizon

Netflix Pushes It’s Interactive Content Strategy With The Release Of Cat Burglar, Mobile Gaming Is On The Horizon

Netflix decided to release at least one interactive episode every three months when they initially started putting them out on their streaming service. Cat Burglar, which debuted earlier this week, is in line with this concept. Many Netflix subscribers can recall a few interactive titles that have come out since 2020. Many may have forgotten about the interactive features of the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch film. In the film, viewers may influence the protagonist’s destiny.

Cat Burglar is an animated interactive short film. The audience answers questions to assist the protagonist, Rowdy Cat, in outsmarting a guard, Peanut, in a museum robbery. While Cat Burglar has a short length, viewers can watch it multiple times to see previously unseen moments of Rowdy Cat attempting to outsmart Peanut.

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Why isn’t the interactive drive of Netflix getting more attention?

The fact that the more recent interactive releases haven’t appeared to garner much traction is one reason Netflix’s interactive drive has gone relatively unnoticed in recent years. Most of the interactive titles of Netflix are shorts with a total listed runtime of 40 minutes or fewer. Making it difficult for them to enter the daily U.S. top 10 ranking for film or TV series. Some Netflix subscribers, for example, maybe solely interested in binge-watching series or movies that can keep them occupied for more than an hour. Despite the lack of recent interactive success on the scale of Bandersnatch, it makes sense for the company to publish interactive titles now and again.

Because Netflix may use the data gained from interactive title selections to improve its content strategy. Furthermore, interactive titles can now clearly tell another effort that Netflix is pursuing for future expansion: mobile gaming.

Netflix pursuing mobile gaming

Netflix may justify moving forward with a video game push if the interactive films receive strong watching and completion rates. The gaming drive is still in its early stages. However, it is becoming increasingly important for Netflix to succeed in video games. Its goal is to encourage people who enjoy video games to view content that isn’t related to gaming.

Help Rowdy outwit Peanut in Cat Burglar or assist Kimmy in deciding her future in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend, only on Netflix.

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