Natalia Dyer and Joe Keery Answer If a Nancy And Steve Reconciliation is Still Possible in ‘Stranger Things’

Natalia Dyer and Joe Keery Answer If a Nancy And Steve Reconciliation is Still Possible in ‘Stranger Things’

Joe Keery, aka Steve Harrington, is one of those cute/hot/tat-bit stupid boys that any college girl would die for! But alas, Natalia Dyer’s Nancy Wheeler wasn’t lucky enough to last her chemistry with him. Theirs was a classic high school romance between the popular basketballer and the demure and studious girl. However, seasons 1 and 2’s events led to Nancy and Jonathan growing closer and ultimately becoming an item.

The tables turned in season 4 when tensions between Jancy are high and sparks fly anew between Nancy and Steve. But do they still have a chance? Keery and Dyer are here to answer that.

Is there room for Joe Keery and Natalia Dyer’s characters to get back together in Stranger Things?

It is a fact, universally accepted, that Joe Keery and Natalia Dyer’s Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler made the cutest couple in the initial and sophomore seasons of Stranger Things. So, it is no surprise that fans want to know if the couple will be the endgame. Well, here’s what Keery and Dyer have to say on the matter.

In an interview with Extratv, Joe, and Natalia gives the much-awaited answer. While they look forward to working together yet again, they are not sure if Stancy will work out or not. When asked, if the door is open to Steve and Nancy’s reconciliation, Joe responded- “It has been fun working with you (Natalia Dyer) but I don’t know.” Natalia believes that it definitely “makes the most sense” but she leaves it to the Duffer Brothers to build their story and does not have a strong opinion. 

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Here’s what we think about the future of Stancy in Stranger Things

Although the actors didn’t make it very clear, there are subtle hints in the latest season and throughout the story that can help us declare- Steve and Nancy belong together. A classic ’80s love story, Stancy begins the series with their raunchy romance. Even when they are away, Nancy immediately gets jealous when she sees Steve with Eddie. And man, the way she dives into the water to save Steve in volume 1 of season 4. How could it not be because of the love they share? We could totally ship for them.

Moreover, in volume 2, we see the two get closer than ever as they fight Vecna together. We see the adorable scene where Stever talks about banging his head as a kid. This scene did a few things: It melted fan hearts further, set the stage for a Stancy patch-up, and amused Joseph Quinn. Later, when Jonathan and Nancy meet, it seemed that their breakup was just an open conversation away, as Nancy’s heart seemed conflicted between Jonathan and Steve.

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Now, while some fans have faith in Jancy’s chemistry and others hope for a Ronance ending, Nancy and Steve have the highest probability of being the endgame, unless our favorite babysitter meets his end in season 5.

However, let’s wait for Stranger Things season 5 and see if our prayers get answered or not. Do you secretly hope for Nancy and Steve to get together?

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