Why Is Netflix Not Giving a Season 4 to ‘Locke and Key’, Even After the Show Having Great Potential?

Why Is Netflix Not Giving a Season 4 to ‘Locke and Key’, Even After the Show Having Great Potential?

Netflix’s magical thriller series Locke and Key surely knew how to lock the viewer’s attention and, after three successful seasons, definitely holds the keys to our hearts. Back in 2020, when Netflix announced that it was going to adapt Joe Hill’s mystical masterpiece comic into a series, it made the MCU shake in its boots. Through series like Sweet Tooth, I Am Not Okay With This, and the science fiction series V Wars that blew our minds, Netflix has proved that its comic book adaptions are unbeatable. And Locke and Key was no exception and was one more brilliant addition to Netflix’s streak of mind-blowing comic book adaptations. Furthermore, Locke and Key exceeded all our expectations. The series became more popular than the comic book, which is already one of the best-selling comic books in the United States.

The intriguing storyline, brilliant production, and the perfect mashup of mystery and magic are what make the series a gem. The plot of the drama revolves around the Locke family, who move into the Keyhouse after the murder of the family’s patriarch. It does not take long for the Locke family to discover that this is no ordinary house. Filled with dozens of magical keys that open the lock to various mystical portals, the series will have a chokehold on you with all its twists and turns. So fans wrecking chaos about the series not getting renewed for season 4 is totally justified. Let us explore the reasons why Netflix is not renewing Locke and Key for another season.

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Does Season 3 give the series a suitable conclusion?

The viewers, along with the Locke children, were discovering the magic and history of the Keyhouse. Furthermore, the children realize that they are the Keepers of the plethora of magical keys that the house has and that it is no funny business. If even one of these keys were to fall into the wrong hands, it would bring danger to humanity. The Locke children manage to add humor and warmth into a series that has a horror equation. We all knew that Keyhouse had crazy supernatural powers. However, it was in Season 3 of Locke and Key that we truly realized the essence of the massive mystical energy that the house holds.

The third season made the Locke family realize that the only way to guarantee safety from mystical evil is to destroy the keys, and so they did. While we could argue that in Season 4, the keys could go in the wrong hand, and the Locke children will again have to fight to save the world, the plot would become too repetitive.

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Why is Netflix not making a Locke and Key season 4?

While season 3 of Locke and Key just recently came out on Netflix, the creators announced in early 2022 that they would be putting a lock on season 4. The masterminds behind the series, Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill, spoke about how they felt like three seasons were enough to give a satisfying end to the magical series. Moreover, Netlfix generally wraps up its originals after three seasons if they don’t bring in a fresh swarm of viewers. So while Locke and Key has a high viewership rating, it is mostly the loyal fanbase that has stuck around since the early days. Furthermore, it was the Locke children that sealed the deal. With the cast and the characters growing up, it is understandable that the creators have decided not to go with a Locke and Key season 4.

While we understand that the series has to go, it does not make saying goodbye any easier. Find out how fans are bidding goodbye to Locke and Key here. Do you agree with the creators’ decision to wrap up Locke and Key with three seasons? Or will you be joining the massive fanbase appealing for more seasons online? Let us know in the comments!

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