Why Funland Is the Creepiest Character of ‘The Sandman’, Even Surpassing The Corinthian

Why Funland Is the Creepiest Character of ‘The Sandman’, Even Surpassing The Corinthian

There is something for every in The Sandman by Netflix. The series boasts great cinematography, music, and incredible acting by its star cast. However, one of the greatest aspects of the show did not come from the cast and crew but from author/show creator  Neil Gaiman himself. In the comics, Neil created some of the most interesting characters ever. Each character is so layered that you can’t help but be mesmerized by them. But keeping true to the world of The Sandman, Neil even created some weird characters, with the creepiest of them all being Funland.

Let us check how, in the twisted world of Dream and the Endless, Funland ends up being the most terrifying.

Funland is the creepiest of them all in The Sandman

Anyone who has seen the series knows why this character made it to the list. Fun Land, yet another Corinthian serial killer fan, scores higher than the others since he is a pedophile who attacks children. He calls sexually assaulting minors “fun” and freely confesses to stealing youngsters from amusement parks. He targets the young throughout the series and tries to get Jed into a hotel room to “play.”

Apart from having no moral codes, the mannerism of Fun Land makes him more terrifying than the show’s main antagonist, The Corinthian. In the show, he makes subtle Disney references to explain where he hunts. Also, it is the entire appreance of the character that makes him menacing.

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Funland is portrayed as a warm and mild-mannered man. That’s how he lures his victims in. You cannot sense any danger from Funland when you first see him. Maybe that’s why his betrayal is even more heartbreaking.

Who played Funland in the show?

Danny Kirrane plays Funland in The Sandman. Daniel Peter Kirrane is a well-known British actor. Kirrane is from the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. He is a die-hard Huddersfield Town supporter. Leeds University awarded him a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics. He is popular for the films Automata, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and New Blood.

Do you guys think Funland is the creepiest character from the show? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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