What Would ‘Stranger Things’ Character’s Letterbox Look Like?

What Would ‘Stranger Things’ Character’s Letterbox Look Like?

There hasn’t been a range of characters in any show like Stranger Things has. Each and every character is miles apart from each other in terms of personality and likes and dislikes. All the characters are so well-written that their characteristics are so well-defined that fans of the show can easily assume what the characters will like.

Now, over the seasons, we got to know a lot about almost every character, even the new ones. However, since they all have been busy fighting evil and keeping the world safe, we did not get to know much about each character’s movie choices.

But thanks to amazing writing by The Duffer brother, we can easily assume the favorites of all the characters. Want to find out what the Letterboxes of El, Mike, and Will would look like? Then read along.

What is The Letterbox?

The Letterbox is a platform that allows members to share their film preferences. Members may use it as a journal to keep track of their cinema thoughts, write reviews or compile lists of films, exhibit their favorite films, as well as connect and communicate with other cinephiles.

What will the Letterboxes of Stranger Things characters be like?

Eddie will likely prefer rock films

For the die-hard rock metal fan Eddie, his film choices will surely revolve around movies with rock music. But since he is an 80s character, Netflix’s Metal Lords will not be in his top three. However, there are plenty of other rock films he will like. Such as  This is Spinal Top, D.O.A, and Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.

Stranger Things survivor Max will love horror

Being this season’s survivor of a horrific monster, Max will surely get into more horror/monster-based films. Films like The Exorcist, Halloween, The Thing, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers will surely be of her interest.

Jim needs a quick boost in courage

After literally defending a prison cell from invading monsters and showing the true western spirit of standing tall even when alone, Jim will watch True Girt and The Magnificent Seven to regain his courage for the last two episodes.

Stranger Things Basketball star Lucas will love Hoosiers

This year’s basketball superstar has to be a fan of the 1986 film Hoosiers. However, after his girlfriend gets possessed by Vecna, Lucas will certainly go and watch Ghostbusters to get in the fighting spirit.

Steve would relive his adventures

For Steve, the whole fourth season was an adventure. Like Indiana Jones, he and his gang went through some series of life-endangering thrills. So if Steve watches Indiana Jones and the Temple and Doom and Back to the Future, it is totally understandable.

Stranger Things hero Eleven will like something more relatable

This season was more of an emotional journey for El. She was away from home, not having any powers. And the Byers family is desperately trying to keep her safe. So El’s favorites will be the highly emotional E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Firestarter.

Robin’s choices would reflect her personality

This season, we got to know a lot about Robin and who she is. That’s why her film choices will actually represent her varied personality. The Apartment, Doctor Zhivago, and Children of Paradise will surely be on Robin’s list.

Mike needs a refresher on the importance of friendships

Mike had a quest in season 4 to find El. And he spent a good part of the season trying to find El in California with his friends. So films like Goonies and Stand By Me that portray the importance of friendship will indeed be Mike’s favorites after season 4 of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things pop culture kings Dustin will love Star Wars

Dustin is the pop culture king of the show. His favorites without a doubt have to be Star Wars and since season one Dustin has been struggling with bullies so The Never Ending Story is a movie he will surely relate to.

Nancy loves the investigation

Nancy was the detective in this season. It was her immaculate deduction abilities that helped the gang to save Max’s life and find a cure for Vecna’s curse. Thus, Clue and All the President’s Men will surely be her top two movies after this season.

Do you guys agree with the predictions? Let us know in the comments what you think the Stranger Things Letterbox will be like.

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