What Would an Awful Yet “Very Special Episode” of ‘Cobra Kai’ Look Like

What Would an Awful Yet “Very Special Episode” of ‘Cobra Kai’ Look Like

With just a month remaining in getting Cobra Kai season 5, fans are more hyped than ever. Not only does it deal with the age-old Karate Kid rivalry, but it also has some intriguing drama of its own. The show is more about that almost adult phase and how one should deal with all those teenage anxieties and troubles. Johnny and Daniel are not only their karate senseis, but they also teach them some valuable life lessons. Although sometimes they make it too awkward or rude for their children, having a mentor like these two karate masters is always fun.

To-Hell-And-Beyond — “Here now, Here always”

And walking on the path of Miyagi verse, they are leaving no stone unturned to mould their students into a good warrior and better human beings. Even the legendary Jedi master, Yoda picked up some Eagle Fang language to enlighten people with his wisdom. However, there hasn’t been any “very special episode” as such. But have you ever wondered if they got to address a kid with drug problems, what storyline would the writers possibly create? Let’s see what fans suggest.

An awful ‘very special episode’ of Cobra Kai might look like this

A “Very Special Episode” is an episode designed to teach the audience about some issues (drugs, stranger danger etc.) These episodes were common in the eighties and nineties shows. Today, most shows don’t have it but what if a Netflix show ends up having an episode like that?

Apparently, an ardent Cobra Kai fan on Reddit asked this really interesting question: “You have to make a Cobra Kai “Very Special Episode”, and it has to be as awful as possible; how do you do it?” And the storylines fans developed were rather fun to read. The questioner picks Terry Silver to give a lengthy lecture about the ill effects of cocaine and how one of the Cobra Kai students has something really awful going on after it.

You have to make a Cobra Kai “Very Special Episode” and it has to be as awful as possible, how do you do it? from cobrakai

Another interesting yet awful very special episode, according to the fans, could surround the ill-effects of Johnny’s obsession with the internet. Meanwhile, some fans want Sam’s character to get high on pills!

However, the most awful storyline for a very special Cobra Kai episode goes to Demitri and Yasmine’s sexual endeavours and Daniel being the one who advises Demitri on how to have sex for the first time!

Some other interesting fan opinions included:

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What do you have in mind for a Very Special Episode of Cobra Kai? We are more than eager to know about it in the comment section below.

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