What is The Creation Key In ‘Locke and Key’ Season 3? Can It Make Anything Come To Reality?

What is The Creation Key In ‘Locke and Key’ Season 3? Can It Make Anything Come To Reality?

The significance of the creation key is very important in Locke and Key. As the name suggests, the creation key helps any user to bring a drawing to life. The Creation key allows you to make anything real. For example, it can even make a unicorn come to life if you draw a horse like one.

The whole concept of the creation key was introduced in season 3, and we kept on seeing its significance as the season unfolded. How powerful is the creation key and how many are there?

What exactly does the Creation key do? How many keys are there?

The Creation key is one of the 24 keys introduced in Locke and Key. Until the latest season, only 20 keys had been introduced. In season 3, four more keys were featured. These were the Creation key, Animal key, Snow Globe key, and Timeshift key.

As mentioned earlier, the creation key brings anything to life. We see a meta touch here because the series is based on a comic book. If you wondered about the power of the creation key in season 3, you know how it changed in the season finale of Locke and Key.

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How did season 3 end and can we expect another season?

The characters realised how the keys are nothing but trouble. They decide to destroy the keys to ensure evil forces no longer can access the keys and misuse them in the future. The series ends on a happy note with the Lockes reuniting at Matheson and Bode scaring everyone with a prank.

Season 3 perfectly blends comedy and magic in this sense. As the season finale came to an end, viewers hear the recognizable magical hushing outside the Key-house door. It is a sign that the magic is still alive, and if we are lucky enough, Netflix might renew the series for season 4.

However, as of now, Netflix does not wish to renew the show. The protagonists so far understand that the keys are a mere curse and they don’t like being around them. Also, since the last season ended on a light note, we think the creators wish to keep it that way. To watch the season finale, you can stream it on Netflix now!

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