What is ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ On Netflix About and Why Are Fans Obsessing Over It?

What is ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ On Netflix About and Why Are Fans Obsessing Over It?

After the worldwide success of the South Korean series Squid Game, which has instilled a fear of two pony-tailed dolls in everyone, Netflix knew what to do. The OTT Mughal has been releasing a plethora of content in various languages, especially Korean. Furthermore, Netflix has an outstanding catalog of Kdramas. From the good old  Boys Over Flowers and Coffe Prince to the latest blockbusters such as Business Proposal. However, the Kdrama of the hour and has remained one since its release on Netflix is the one-of-a-kind courtroom drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The show has reached extraordinary popularity in just a short time. Extraordinary Attorney Woo is the highest-rated non-English series globally on Netflix right now. Let us find out what is so extraordinary about Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The extraordinary courtroom Kdrama: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The Kdrama stays true to its name and proves to be extraordinary at every point. If you are familiar with the Kdrama world, then you must know that their courtroom dramas are intense on another level and will always amaze you with their storyline. Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows Woo Young Woo, an attorney who falls on the autism spectrum. She is gifted with a brilliant memory and has a knack for solving cases in her own style.

Moreover, the direction of this phenomenal Kdrama is done by the well-known South Korean director Yoo In Shik, who is widely applauded for his work in VagabondDr. Romantic, and Mrs. Cop. The result is a perfect combination of workplace drama, layered cases, and romance from the perspective of the extraordinary Woo Young Woo.

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Why are fans obsessing over the drama?

The storyline is a gem in itself. Very rarely will you come across a series revolving around specially-abled people that does not overdo it; Extraordinary Attorney Woo shows things as it is. It does not shy away from showing how judgmental some people are towards autistic individuals. The drama uses Mr. Kwon as an outlet to show how much unnecessary criticism people with autism suffer. The drama aims at shattering the stigma around people who suffer from autism. The Kdrama does not present Woo Young Woo as someone who is weak. She is smart, can take care of herself, and knows how to deal with situations.

A brilliant example is when she finds out who her real mother is and does not run away from having an upfront conversation. Putting Extraordinary Attorney Woo on a pedestal is Park Eun Bin’s outstanding performance. She does not miss a beat in making us fall in love with Woo Young Woo. You can also watch her pull off a Joseon-era king on Netflix, The King’s Affection.

Given the plot and outstanding performance, it is no surprise that fans are flooding social media with clips from the Kdrama. Not just us but our favorite Kpop idols are obsessed with Extraordinary Attorney Woo as well.

From GOT7’s Bambam doing the Woo in the Young Woo at his recent fan meet to Jungkook raving about the Kdrama on his Instagram story, proof of Extraordinary Attorney Woo being an extraordinary series is all around the place.

Will you guys hop on to the train of obsessed Extraordinary Attorney Woo fans and stream the Kdrama on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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