“We got him”: Redditors Have Found Their Live Action Zoro for Netflix ‘One Piece’ Adaptation

“We got him”: Redditors Have Found Their Live Action Zoro for Netflix ‘One Piece’ Adaptation

With every passing day, we are closing in on the amazing shows Netflix has in store for us in the near future. However, no show, film, or adaptation is more desperately awaited than the One Piece live-action series. Fans of manga and anime have huge aspirations for the show, particularly in the way they will depict the magnificent world of One Piece and its interesting character. In fact, what separates One Piece from other animes is its huge range of interesting characters that are unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

So it is an equal amount of pressure to absolutely nail this adaptation onto the bigger screen. However, it looks like fans have taken the burden off of Netflix’s shoulder by finding the right Zoro for them. Let us take a look at who the fans have chosen.

Fans vote for a cosplayer as the worth Live action One Piece Zorro

Taryn Cosplay showed his depiction of Zoro and his three swords at the Paris Japan Expo, according to a video posted to the Reddit One Piece group page by @Alice-86F. If the brilliant lime green hair, chest scar, and perpetual frown aren’t enough to persuade you of Taryn’s character, the three-sword scabbard belt will.

Furthermore, Taryn brilliantly emanates Zoro’s “you eyeballing me” attitude in his motions, particularly in how he shrugs off his gi in preparation for a battle, without saying anything, which is ideal for Zoro’s “man of little words” mentality. Many Redditors who saw the incredible cosplay comments appreciation of Taryn, even mentioning that he should play Zoro in the Netflix adaptation.

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Some of the comments were.

  • “God damn. Not gonna lie, the actor for the live-action show is never gonna live up to this.”
  • “Bro call Netflix we got him”
  • “Sorry, that’s not a cosplayer, Zoro just got so lost he ended up in our reality !”
  • “nailed it!”
  • “He’s a phenomenal cosplayer.”

Netflix still hasn’t revealed character designs for the show

Netflix is yet to reveal any character design for its show. In fact, apart from a look at the massive sets built for the show, we do not have any insights into the production of the highly anticipated series. Fans can only hope that Taryn’s cosplay of Zoro will equal its flair, intricacy, and accuracy, at least in terms of the Straw Hat Pirates’ master swordsman.

Did you guys love the cosplay? Feel free to share your thoughts on how the live-action Zoro should look in the comments.

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