WATCH These Hilarious Moments From After Life

WATCH These Hilarious Moments From After Life

After Life found the perfect balance between comedy and drama. Yet the funny moments from the series can make anyone believe it was a sitcom. All thanks to the comedic genius of Ricky Gervais, the creator of the series. From clever writing to slapstick comedy, the three seasons of dramedy have it all. So, let us look at some of the funniest moments from After Life, which had us rolling with tears.

Tony scares Matt

Matt is busy with documents in one corner of the office. And as he is standing on a pile of documents, Tony honks him with a loud horn, causing him to lose his balance and come crashing down on the floor in an awkward fall. Tony seems to enjoy the prank, and so does Lenny, but others are worried about Matt, who walks off.

Of Course, Matt does not fire Tony. But, the prank will remind you of Jim’s pranks on Dwight in The Office. Coincidentally, Ricky Gervais is also the creator of The Office UK

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Another one of Kath’s disastrous date

Kath has a tough time finding a partner throughout the series. But, after we see one of her disastrous dates, we cannot help but laugh at her awful situation. Kath meets a barrister for dinner and somehow ends up blowing it. But Kath delivers one of the funniest lines of the series when her date asks about her profession, “Okay I’m not gonna lie… Doctor.

Kath’s deadpan expressions are priceless, and not to forget the hilarity that ensues afterward. As one diner feels uneasy, Kath refuses to help her, stating she is off duty, which shocks her date. However, in the third season, Kath gets the happy ending she deserves.

Tony drinks while playing squash

When Matt and Tony go for a game of squash, Tony orders a pint of beer for himself. Matt questions Tony’s decision, but as usual, the latter is not in the mood to take his advice. Thus, Tony takes his pint to the court and keeps sipping it between the match.

Initially, Tony seems to play better than Matt, which frustrates Matt. Tony’s cussing does not help Matt, but soon the beer shows effects as Tony starts incessantly burping. Tony vomits in the court itself and warns Matt so that he does not slip on it. Matt’s disappointment is a treat for the viewers, and Tony knows how to get on his nerves. To be fair, Tony would get on anybody’s nerves.

You can enjoy other funny moments from After Life on this YouTube video. Which scene from After Life had you in splits? Let us know in the comments.

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