WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris Shares the Beautiful Memories He Made Directing ‘How I Met Your Mother’

WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris Shares the Beautiful Memories He Made Directing ‘How I Met Your Mother’

How I Met Your Mother has been a fan-favorite show years after its completion. The special thing about the show is the friendship all the six characters share. Even after going through a roller coaster ride, everyone is together till the end. Fans adore the friendship between Barney Stinson and hopeless romantic Ted Mosby. And how does one forget to suit up when we’re talking about Barney? But did you know that Neil Patrick Harris, our very own Barney Stinson, has directed an episode of the show?

Neil Patrick Harris as the director of HIMYM

The Uncoupled star recently answered some of the most Googled questions. Well, he shares a secret in the beginning that he Googles himself a lot. So, let’s find out what some questions are most Googled about Neil. Questions like, what is Neil Patrick Harris doing these days? Question about his first movie and the episode he directed.

He reveals he had directed an episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was an incredibly exciting experience for him. “I got to film a parody as if I was doing an SNL short,” remembers Neil and adds, “And I got to yell at the cast, which I think was the most fun.” Let us tell you he made his directorial debut with HIMYM season 5, episode 13, “Jenkins”.

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While his character Barney Stinson was one of the iconic characters that he played, Neil recently portrayed the character of Michael Lawson in Uncoupled. Uncoupled is a rom-com drama on Netflix, which is about Michael and Colin’s breakup of a long-term relationship. It is also about friendships, facing fears and insecurities, and much more. Does Micheal overcome the sadness of his sudden breakup in the end? Are Colin and Michael back together? Or do any miracles happen in the show to ease the pain? To know the answers, we suggest you watch the show.

Until you figure out the miracles in the show, let’s look at some more interesting questions. The magic happens in the show or not, that is for you to figure out. However, he played many magic tricks on How I Met Your Mother. He is a proud president of The Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Well, he casts a spell on our hearts as well; not with any equipment, but with his characters. As he exclaimed, “I am gonna be a good director someday.” While we are waiting to see him as a director, tell us, are you also a Neil Patrick Harris fan? Have you watched his Netflix Original Uncoupled?

Watch Here: Uncoupled

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