Was Killing Ruth (Julia Garner) Inevitable? Disappointed Fans Theorize Alternate Endings for ‘Ozark’

Was Killing Ruth (Julia Garner) Inevitable? Disappointed Fans Theorize Alternate Endings for ‘Ozark’

Going into the finale of Ozark, fans knew someone was going to die. The bets were on Marty or Wendy at least. Instead, the ending baffled viewers when Ruth drew her last breath. The twisted crime drama closed the curtains in the most dramatic fashion possible. But fans weren’t happy with the writer’s decision to write off Ruth. Many wanted the badass queen to come out of it alive. And now they have made their own alternate Ozark endings about how they could save Ruth and kill off some of the bad guys.

Ozark alternate endings that allow Ruth to avoid her fate

Marty dies saving Ruth

Reddit user Hypermanatee1398 has created his own neat Ozark ending that has Marty die in place of Ruth, while Wendy ends up dead or in a coma. In his version, Marty fights Camila to save Ruth. He dies as a hero, and his kids along with Ruth and Rachel get out of town for good. 

Three kills Camila

In another alternate ending, Three could have saved Ruth. According to HooliganZoo_ Ruth’s flashback should have shown Wyatt using a gun to save her and Three.  Later, Three could have used the very gun to blow off Camila’s head. In a strange turn of events, Navarro also dies and Ruth ends up running the cartel.

While HooliganZoo_’s is more violent, keeping with the tone of the series, while BiggsIDarklighter’s version is more comical. Three is the one to save Ruth again but after Camila joins hands with Ruth. Apparently, in his version, Camila appears grateful to Ruth for killing off Javi, who was just a big pain in her life. Unfortunately, Three misreads the situation and blows her brains off. 

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Omar is alive

However, CudiMontage216’s ending is possibly the best ending. He brings back Omar from the dead. More cunning and ruthless, he’s way ahead of Camila and the Byrdes. Ruth doesn’t meet her fate since Omar’s hitman shoots Camila first. Instead of Mel visiting the Byrdes, it’s Omar that greets them. 

Do you like these alternate endings? Would you have preferred any of them?

You can watch all seasons of Ozark here.

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