Tom Sturridge Stole the Most Unexpected Item From the Sets of ‘The Sandman’

Tom Sturridge Stole the Most Unexpected Item From the Sets of ‘The Sandman’

As the long-awaited fantasy series streaming on Netflix, The Sandman is creating quite an atmosphere of mystery and joy altogether. The live-action adaptation of the comic book by Neil Gaiman is creating a space in the hearts of the fans. However, during an interview, they all reveal some of the most interesting facts about themselves and about their experiences as well. Tom Sturridge, Morpheus: the King of Dreams, from The Sandman, reveals his act of theft from the sets of the series.

Tom Sturridge stole THIS from The Sandman

Taking something from the sets of the shows or movies seems a common act among the actors. Neil Patrick Harris also recently revealed that he has also stolen from the sets of the iconic series How I Met Your Mother. So, if we hear about Tom Sturridge stealing from the sets of The Sandman, it wouldn’t surprise us. However, the thing that he stole is pretty surprising.

If you’ve watched the series, you would know that there are three things that Dream cannot live without, the Helm, Sand, and the Ruby. Tom, in an interview, talks about the show and what it is about. According to his understanding, the thing that connects all of us is that we dream. And this adaptation is literally based on Dream. You might feel like he’s the protagonist of the show, but in reality, he’s just trying to show the stories and dreams of thousands of people, which would make you feel like a part of the narration. That’s the beauty of Neil Gaiman‘s writing.

While talking about what Dream and the show mean to the cast members, they talked about what they would like to keep from their character’s props. While Vivienne Acheampong, who plays Lucienne on the show, said she wanted to keep everything, Tom dropped a bomb here and mysteriously laughed. “I don’t know if I should say,” said Tom. But with Vivienne’s encouragement, he revealed that he stole the “pouch of sand,” which surprised Vivienne and us. Since it wasn’t meant for humans, we hope the pouch serves its owner well.

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It is safe with him, though, given that he is the dream lord. So, if they would need it again for the second season, the showrunners know where to find it! Have you seen the king of the Dreaming on The Sandman?

Watch here: The Sandman

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