WATCH: The Most Spooky Moments of ‘The House’ Streaming on Netflix

WATCH: The Most Spooky Moments of ‘The House’ Streaming on Netflix

One of Netflix’s newest releases of the year is The House’. The movie premiered on the streaming platform on 14th January 2022. It is an animated anthology and exhibits three different stories in different timelines. The story is written by Enda Walsh and each story is directed by a different director. Significantly, The House on Netflix offers a richness with its approach of using three directors. This stop-motion animation is sure to make your skin crawl.

Spooky moments from The House on Netflix

The House is beautifully woven by merging the unique minds of three rising directors. It navigates through three different stories. However, one element stays the same. The house is the only constant across the stories that change through time and species. Furthermore, the three stories feature humans, rats, and cats, respectively. This may seem strange but each story has its own narrative and issues to address.

 Chiefly, the surreal stop-motion animation is one of its kind and truly appealing to the audience. Each story has a strange vibe to it, which gives out an eerie feeling. The chapters are crisp and to the point. They don’t prolong any story more than it’s necessary. 

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Although the stories might feel a bit unsettling, the deep understanding that unfolds as the story progresses is quite fascinating. With a story like this, there is bound to be skin-crawling and spooky moments. 

Peculiar scenes of the movie

This animated drama offers you a vividly spooky approach to one’s attachment to a house. As a result, the audience might find some visuals creepy and unsettling. Listed below are some of them,

Dancing roaches:

In what seems like the most creepiest sequence in the movie, we cockroaches and termites having their own dance party. The scene is from the second story in the movie, involving a desperate contractor trying to flip the house. After realizing his “buyers” were not going to buy the property as promised and his own crippling debt, the contractor lays on the floor is despair. What he sees next leaves him realize the futility of his project and us with a sick feeling that the roaches are dancing on our skin.

Clown in carriage:

Yet another disturbing scene is from the first story of the movie, where Raymond, despondent at his situation, is out in the woods. He is drunk and is urinating against a tree, cursing himself and his luck. Soon, he hears a cackle behind and turns to see a clownish figure smile from within a carriage, whom will know as Mr. Van Schoonbeek later. With that creepy smile and ominous score in the background, the sequence will have your skin crawling.

Ravaging rats:

Perhaps the scene that takes the cake for being the creepiest of them all is the one from the second part of the movie. After being hospitalized and realizing the futility in fighting his situation, the contractor returns to his renovated house. What follows can be best described as animals giving into their animal instincts and ravaging the entirety of the house.

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You can watch more such unsettling sequences from the movie in the video below:


The audience has truly admired the film for its animated stop-motion anthology. Filled with spooky moments, a good story and a brilliant soundtrack, The House will prove to be quite an interesting watch for the viewers. The House is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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