The Cuphead Show! Characters Explained – Meet the Adorable Sweeties

The Cuphead Show! Characters Explained – Meet the Adorable Sweeties

An out-and-out love letter to the 1930s animation, The Cuphead Show! has done a brilliant job in making the animation as authentic as possible. A show based on a game which is in turn based on a show is a little confusing but The Cuphead Show! has an array of charming characters to keep you invested.

Meet The Cuphead Show! characters


The lead character of The Cuphead Show! is funny and immature. His impulsiveness gets him in the wrong books with Satan and that’s how the misadventures start. He is jovial and has a loving relationship with his brother. 

King Dice 

King Dice is a talk show host who gets in trouble with The Devil when Cuphead outsmarts him. The character’s mannerisms and expressions make him creepy. 


More practical than his brother, Mugman also has his moments of comedy. For instance, when he broke his handle. He struggles with stage fright but has a cheerful YOLO mentality. 

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Chalice always gets her way thanks to her charms, which she uses to her advantage. In the series, we see her helping out the brothers in their quests. Although she was friends with the brothers all along, it turns out she was not nice when she abandoned them. 

The Devil

Old school villain, The Devil, sports a pair of horns and can turn into a serpent. His visual forms would change along with his emotions. However, he is more funny than scary. Moreover, he is very easily tricked.

The vegetables 

The vegetables were sneaky and conniving. The characters double-crossed the brothers several times throughout The Cuphead Show! Their features would get smaller and their sizes would increase whenever the three would start scheming. 

Pork Rind

Pork Rind is more of a comical character. He would get angry very easily especially when dealing with Cuphead and Mugman. The creators have done an excellent job in adding the nuances to the character. 

Ribby and Stickler 

Ribby and Stickler are always wearing a suit and a pair of boxing gloves! Their differences lay in both their heights and intellect. 

Elder Kettle 

Calm and collected Elder Kettler is more of a father figure to the brothers. He is the most mature and sensible of all the characters in The Cuphead Show! although he can be a little naïve at times.

Which of these characters captured your heart as you streamed the show on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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