‘Thai Cave Rescue’ First Netflix Trailer Showcases Perspective of Young Boys and Coach

‘Thai Cave Rescue’ First Netflix Trailer Showcases Perspective of Young Boys and Coach

The world witnessed a miracle two years back as a 12-member youth soccer team, Wild Boars, and their coach Ekkapol Chantawong were rescued safely from a flooded Tham Luang Cave in Northern Thailand. It took over a hundred expert divers from all over the globe to successfully carry out the mission. 

The fun adventure that turned into a nightmare of 17 days for the young boys and their coach might have given them lifelong scars. People should now get ready to watch the horrific incident on their screens as Netflix is coming up with a limited series called Thai Cave Rescue. The streaming platform dropped a spine-chilling trailer of the Thailand docudrama, and we can’t wait to watch it already.

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What is unique in the Thai Cave Rescue Netflix series?

The infamous Tham Luang Cave incident has already been presented on the screen in different manners. However, what makes the Thai Cave Rescue Netflix series unique is that they have made it show the perspective of the young boys and their coach. The Wild Boars team will take center stage in the six-episode series. 

Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue will unravel the emotions and the anxiety faced by the 13 members while fighting between life and death for almost 17 days. The series’ first trailer showcases the youngsters’ journey going deep into the cave. It also highlights how the international rescue team race against time and fights a battle with two enemies, namely water and weather

Films and documentaries on the Tham Luang case

The authenticity and relatability of the series can be its unique selling point. The shooting of the show took place entirely in Thailand with the local actors and true locations. Dana Ledoux Miller and Michael Russell Gunn have created and written the series with Baz Poonpiriya and Kevin Tancharoen as co-directors. Thai Cave Rescue will premiere on Netflix on September 22.

Meanwhile, several movies and shows have already been made on the subject to educate the world. One of the first films that had its world premiere was Tom Waller’s The Cave. The independent film by screened in 2019 at the Busan International Film Festival.

Disney+ also has one of its versions in the form of a National Geographic documentary, The Rescue. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin are its showrunners. In addition, Thirteen Lives by Ron Howard, featuring Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton, and Colin Farrell, will debut on Amazon Prime.

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Are you excited to watch the Netflix version of the Tham Luang case? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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