Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Check Out the Easter Eggs That You Definitely Missed

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Check Out the Easter Eggs That You Definitely Missed

We’re sure you watched the gory horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre with extreme caution from beginning to conclusion. Some sequences, such as Leatherface swinging his chainsaw wildly beneath the Texas sun, may have lingered in your mind long after you’d finished watching the film. But did you know the creators made it in the same style as the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, which was released in 1974?

You are not to blame if you were unaware of this, as only those who saw the first film in the franchise would have noticed the resemblance.  And, in the same way, they littered this film with small nods to previous films and other difficult-to-find hints. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some Easter eggs hidden throughout the film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre opening shots feature the same narrator as in the original film

The first obvious easter egg is the narration at the start of the film. John Larroquette, who also narrated the original 1974 film narrates the opening documentary. It’s a distinct voice that the actor effortlessly captured in the first take.

Unused ‘BTS’ snippets and gas station setting

To evoke the Texas landscape, unused behind-the-scenes footage from the original film was used in this film. They made some of the main characters to stop at the gas station on purpose, as this eerie setting is used in every classic horror film. It gives the audience the impression that something bad is about to happen to the protagonists. On top of that, the creators made the main character watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre documentary on gas station TV. This is a bad omen.

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Disturbing images of the chainsaw used to create merchandise

All the merchandise at the gas station, like t-shirts, mugs, and posters, feature an image of a bloodied chainsaw blade. This gives the audience the impression that the people of that town remember what happened 50 years ago.

Brown sunflower field in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The creators have made a lot of similar choices in order to give the audience the impression that they are still in the same story from 1974. By monitoring visual cues such as open fields and sunflower fields.

The full bloom sunflower field was turned into a brown dead mess because of a thunderstorm that hit a few days before the filming. This then coincided to the feel the creators were attempting to convey in the scene, which depicted an aging Leatherface emerging from a brown dead field.

Sally Hardesty is waiting for her revenge

This tale occurred in 1974 and impacted the world; they were living in fear that Leatherface was still alive and hunting. They could not find him. As a result, the filmmakers suggested that the only surviving protagonist from the original film is still out for vengeance. She’s been preparing herself for the violence that will erupt when she finally puts an end to the man who slaughtered her friends.

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