Percy Hynes White Brings Attention to Him as Women Demand His Removal From the Netflix Original ‘Wednesday’

Percy Hynes White Brings Attention to Him as Women Demand His Removal From the Netflix Original ‘Wednesday’

While fans love the Netflix Original show, Wednesday, the show has made a headline for controversy. Starring Jenna Ortega as the titular character, it became the second-most-watched English-language Netflix series within three weeks of its release. The series became widely popular among viewers because they loved the performance of Jenna Ortega. However, another co-star named Percy Hynes White has brought the attention of the ladies on Twitter. 

Percy Hynes White is a Canadian actor aged 21. He is famous for his roles in Edge of Winter and A Christmas Horror Story for his role in the television series Between. Recently, the actor starred as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix Original show Wednesday. Several women have accused him of s*xual assault and are demanding him removed from the show. 

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Percy Hynes White brings attention because women demand his removal from the show

While he has played one of the most interesting roles in the show, despite the show receiving a positive response from the critics as well, there might be some dark clouds hanging around the show. Some women from White’s high school took it to Twitter and demanded the removal of him from the show, reported The reason was they accused the 21-year-old actor of s*exualy assaulting women in the school. 

A Twitter user named @milkievich started the allegations saying White and his friends allegedly would invite women who would look attractive. After inviting them, they would have intercourse with them. As this woman came out and spoke up about it, others soon joined her, sharing their own experiences as well.

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Reportedly, this behavior of the Canadian actor continued until he was 17 and older. Not only this, the young actor would share his naked pictures online without consent.  Those who have suffered these issues now want the actor out of Wednesday. Although White has turned off the comments on his posts, a short clip of him from the show has resurfaced. In the clip, he is seen using racial slurs.

However, no one from the streaming giant or from the show has said anything yet. But there are charges filed against the Wednesday actor. However, there are possibilities of women filing charges through the Canadian court as well.

Although the show, fans will have to wait to see what would happen next. Till then, feel free to share your take on this situation with us.

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