Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ Awards $1 Million Cash to the Winner of Season 1, Will There Be a Second Season for the Survival Show?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ Awards $1 Million Cash to the Winner of Season 1, Will There Be a Second Season for the Survival Show?

If you remember the adventurous show, Man vs Wild, you would be happy to know that Netflix has a competitive show like that. How the host of the show Bear Grylls tackles extreme challenges and explores remote locations in Man vs Wild! But in this Netflix show, Outlast, the teams had to go through the jungle to find the cash prize of $1 million. Who won the show? Will there be a season 2?

The first season of the show dropped on the streaming giant with 8 episodes. There were 16 participants who had to survive in the harsh, cold conditions in the Alaskan jungle. Interestingly, they had to stay in teams. By the end of the season, only two teams remained: Team Charlie (Nick Radner, Seth Lueker, Paul Preece) and Team Alpha (Amber Asay, Jill Ashock).

To arrive at the last location, the team members were to pass through the different routes. Although team Alpha was closer to the $1 million package and could see it first, they could not reach the location before team Charlie. Ultimately, after this exciting challenge, team Charlie won the first season of the survival show, according to SK Pop.

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While the supporters of the winning team were extremely happy, they are also wondering if Netflix will have a second season of the show.

Will there be Outlast season 2 by Netflix?

Watching shows like this makes viewers a little more excited. Because of the rules and regulations, the teams and many exciting challenges make the viewers of the show a part of it, too. Therefore, if you have also already watched the entire show, you must be wondering about the renewal of the next season of the show.

According to RaillyNews, the American streaming giant has not yet announced if it would renew the show for season 2 or not. However, given the complexity and non-traditional approach of the show, there seems a little chance of getting another season of the show. Amidst the American OTT platform’s recent acts of canceling the shows, we will need to wait and see if Netflix renews the show or lets it go.

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While we await more news about the renewal of the show, tell us if you have watched the show yet. Share your reviews with us in the comment box below.

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