Netflix Tweets Seven Eleven With Multiform Millie Bobby Brown, but What Is Eminem Doing Here?

Netflix Tweets Seven Eleven With Multiform Millie Bobby Brown, but What Is Eminem Doing Here?

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown has forever enamored Netflix. Apart from starring in multiple Netflix projects, Millie is also a huge celebrity whom Netflix loves to post about on their social media handles. There are thousands of appreciation posts and memes on Netflix’s Twitter account for her.

However, in a new post by Netflix, people are spotting the famous American rapper Eminem in it. Let us see what is going on in the tweet.

People are spotting Eminem amongst seven Millie Bobby Brown

The latest season of Stranger Things has brought Netflix unprecedented success. No show in recent history has been able to do what Stranger Things has done. That’s why even after weeks of the current season’s release, Netflix is still celebrating the show’s star, Millie, and showing her appreciation.

In a new tweet by Netflix Geeked, seven faces of Eleven from different seasons have been edited together with the caption, “seven eleven.”

It is a hilarious tweet that has certainly delighted the fans. However, a keen fan has spotted an unlikely resemblance of Millie with star rapper Eminem and pointed it out in a reply.

Millie does have some resemblance with Eminem, especially during the first season of Stranger Things. However, it is not the only resemblance fans have spotted.

Another popular doppelganger of Millie is the famous American singer-songwriter Halsey. The popular singer themself have admitted that Millie is a worthy actor who can portray the singer in a movie, even calling her a sister.

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Thor: Love and Thunder actress Natalie Portman also has an uncanny similarity with Millie Bobby Brown.

When will we be seeing Millie again?

Millie has undertaken a lot of projects at the moment. She has three consecutive projects in development at the moment. Her sequel to the 2020 successful Enola Holmes has also completed shooting.

Apart from that, she will also be appearing as Eleven one last time in Stranger Things‘ final season, and Millie has also signed a high-budget film with the Russo Brothers.

Do you guys see a resemblance between Millie and Eminem? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments below.

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    Christian wilson
    December 5, 2022 at 6:20 am

    No I don’t see any thing like that how did this even happen I hope Millie will never meet him in person I’ll be jealous if that eve happened

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