Neil Gaiman Believes That Corinthian’s Speech at the Cereal Convention Was “Empowering Him”

Neil Gaiman Believes That Corinthian’s Speech at the Cereal Convention Was “Empowering Him”

There is nothing more special for a writer than to see their work getting adaptation of his work, especially an accurate one. And that dream came true for Neil Gaiman after almost a 30-year wait. He has written the comic and has been an active part of the adaptation. The whole comic book is very symbolic, especially the speech by one character named Corinthian. He gives a guest of honor speech at the Cereal Convention.

In the episode 9 titled Collectors, Corinthian addresses the participants who share their passion. They all collect one or the other human organs. Corinthian collects the eyes because eyes tell everything. Now, at this event, he’s a chief guest, and he encourages people to pursue their dream of killing people. He goes to a length to call it an American Dream. The speech is symbolic of so many things along with this one which Neil Gaiman shares in an interview.

This is what Corinthian’s speech means, according to Neil Gaiman

The creator of the art has his own perception behind every one of his creations. As Corinthian can slip into people’s dreams and control them, he has been controlling humans. Even while giving the speech, he is controlling their subconscious mind, because he’s the Nightmare. “We kill to kill,” are Corinthian’s words. The whole speech is powerful and horrifying at the same time. And Neil talks about it in an interview.

The Sandman creator, Neil, says every convention with a guest of honor needs a guest of honor speech. And he believes that the Corinthian’s speech is both an inspirational speech and a parody of inspirational speeches one will ever hear. He added by saying that he was glad that they could add something more to that. “Actually his keynote speech is also kind of the connection between Rose Walker, between the Vortex, and all of the series killers. And it is empowering him,” says Gaiman.

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The speech is also about using Rose to in an attempt to create a reality in which their, the killers’, reality is true. These people are not just pathetic losers who kill people, as Morpheus said. But these people, in their minds, are American Dreamers, entrepreneurs in an expanding field. The speech is so powerful that it mesmerizes everyone listening to it and believing in it.

Have you heard Corinthian speaking on stage? Do you know what happens after his speech? Will everyone run off to kill or there awaits a twist? To know the answers, stream The Sandman here and explore a lot more about the Nightmare. 

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