‘Mother/Android’ on Netflix- Cast, Synopsis, Reviews, and More

‘Mother/Android’ on Netflix- Cast, Synopsis, Reviews, and More

In the cold month of December, Netflix released the bittersweet movie Mother/Android. It is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, starring Chloe Grace Moretz as Georgia or G, a pregnant woman. G with the father of her baby is seeking shelter midst the war between man and machine. The robots do what ‘they are programmed not to!

It is interesting to know that the first-time filmmaker Mattson Tomlin took inspiration for the story from his personal life. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the movie portrays the struggles faced by his biological parents during the Romanian Revolution.

Mother/Android Synopsis

The movie begins with a jolly Christmas eve, which later took an unexpected turn. Georgia and her boyfriend save their life at the party and struggle to reach the Bootcamp. Sam aka Algee Smith is G’s cool and caring boyfriend. As Androids invade the forest, Samuel distracts the bots but is parted from his girlfriend. Raul Castillo, as Arthur, comes in to provide shelter and safety to the helpless squirrel. Even though she is nine months pregnant, Georgia saves her boyfriend and reaches Boston base camp.

Is Arthur a scientist or a robot? What happens to the injured boyfriend? Watch Mother/Android on Netflix and be a part of this enthralling journey.

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Mother/Android Cast

Chloë Grace Moretz’s expressive face and power-pack performance best fit her character. The movie depicts the struggles of Georgia as a pregnant mother amidst an A.I. attack. Mortez is convincing as a brave woman who is ready to save her baby, come what may.

Alongside Georgia, the movie has Algee Smith playing the role of her boyfriend. Apart from these two, the most appealing character is that of Arthur. However, a viewer will not witness him much on-screen and are left to wonder how the world would be from his perspective. 

Mother/Android Review

Variety in its review writes, “Aiming for something more than a gritty genre piece, Tomlin lets tension flag without really clinching the poignantly universal humanist message intended. Which in the end just makes this an initially solid, then somewhat disappointing genre piece whose pretensions are out of its weight class. Nonetheless, it’s well-crafted and resourceful within its bounds, smoothly integrating Massachusetts locations and modest FX to create a credible-enough portrait of a civilized world that’s badly eroded in just a few short months.”

The Wall Street Journals comments,Those robots have read our emotional programming, Arthur says, and know exactly how and why we’ll do what we do. Which is more than one can say for viewers of Mother/Android, who will find the robot rebellion more plausible than the human behavior.”

Mother/Android scored a 42 on Metacritic and a 4.8 on IMDb based on 11 Critic reviews

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Humanity and Hope are the Way Forward

In a world where technology is stepping up with every rising day and humans are more dependent on Artificial Intelligence, Netflix‘s Mother/Android makes humans question their lifestyle. It urges humans to minimize their dependency on machines and learn to update their muscles and bones. Although, the movie gives us a stupefying glimpse of what can happen if the technology programmed to serve humanity turns against us. However, it also tells us that hope and courage are the last things ever lost.

The movie is now available on Netflix.


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