Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Apologizes to ‘Never Have I Ever’ Fans for the Photographs They Take With Her

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Apologizes to ‘Never Have I Ever’ Fans for the Photographs They Take With Her

The Netflix Original coming-of-age teenage drama Never Have I Ever is hitting the charts. The viewers love all the characters and their development, especially the lead character, Devi Vishwakumar. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan portrays the complex and fragile character in the show. She is a nerd and tries to overcome her fears and insecurities while dealing with the trauma of losing her father. While we’ve seen her apologizing to everybody constantly, Maitreyi recently apologized to her fans as well. Keep reading to know why.

Never Have I Ever star apologizes to her fans

If you have watched the show, you’d be able to remember when Devi messes things up with Aneesa. She dresses up as a cricket. Devi makes a big gesture and apologizes to her in front of the entire school. However, Aneesa didn’t forgive Davi instead she got angrier. But in an event recently, an interviewer asks Maitreyi with that reference, “Do you have something you need to apologize for right now?” This is what she said.

Maitreyi admits she needs to apologize to her fans for the way she takes photographs with them. “I apologize for all the fans when they take photos with me that I’m always like this *victory pose*.” She also apologizes for always giving her mother stress and says she thinks she may be spiraling. The interviewer jokingly says, “I feel like I’m Dr. Ryan right now,” and they talk more about the show and Devi.

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The biggest difference between Devi and Maitreyi is that Devi has the game and Maitreyi doesn’t. But she is proud of Devi. The interviewer asked the most interesting question to Maitreyi: “How many interviewers have forced you to play the game ‘Never Have I Ever’?” Maitreyi seems relieved and reveals that she’s learned one thing from her go-to Never Have I Ever answer. She said that she just learned to swim. Now she wouldn’t have to always say, “Never Have I Ever been able to swim,” and she’s happy about that.

Well, we are happy to see Maitreyi aka Devi apologizing and ticking things off her list. Have you seen her in the Netflix Original drama? If you have still not watched the show, do it here right now and share your thoughts about Devi’s journey.

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