Kevin Durant, Called the “best player in the world”, Makes Revelation About ‘One Thing He Gotta Work On’

Kevin Durant, Called the “best player in the world”, Makes Revelation About ‘One Thing He Gotta Work On’

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players in the league at the moment. Who is a better player? Stephen Curry or Kevin is a question that everyone has a different answer to. However, despite all the competition or injuries, Kevin is a beast on the court who has even been deemed one of the best of all time.

But thanks to David Letterman’s amazing questions, even Kevin admitted a part of his game he felt needed some work. But what work can a great player like Kevin need? Read along if you want to find out.

Kevin Durant confesses that he needs to work on his game

The Kevin Durant episode of this year’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction was refreshing. Kevin was the only celebrity in the panel of six, who was not an actor or a performer.

So Kevin brought with him the wonders of the world of NBA and even gave some interesting trivia regarding his new jersey number, among others.

However, even Kevin, whom JJ Redick has called the “best player in the NBA,” confessed to David that he indeed had to work on a crucial part of the game.

While talking about Kevin and his game David Letterman pointed out that more than often, when Kevin takes a shot, he falls down, to which Kevin agreed.

And when David asked for the reason, Durant joked that the players loved the way he smelled.

The Nets player then explained how his opponents get very close to him, which causes the player to fall, in order to guard him and stop him from scoring.

He added, “So, yeah, I am always on the ground. I gotta work on that.”

Letterman then followed up by asking if all the falling down takes a toll on a person, to which Kevin replied by saying, “Nah. It is just a part of it.”

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Kevin has made a remarkable comeback post his severe injury, and it is something that the NBA star talks a lot about in his episode with Letterman.

What do you guys think? Does Kevin need to work on his game or not? Share your answers with us in the comments below.

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