“It signifies a lot of things”: Kevin Durant Reveals the Story of Why He Went From #35 at Golden State Warriors to #7 at Brooklyn Nets on the David Letterman Show

“It signifies a lot of things”: Kevin Durant Reveals the Story of Why He Went From #35 at Golden State Warriors to #7 at Brooklyn Nets on the David Letterman Show

David Letterman is on fire this season, which is noticeable in all his episodes. We have said it before, we will say it again that he is a magician. In one of his episodes, David interviewed an American professional basketball player, Kevin Durant, who opened up about his life, his game, and his struggles during the interview.

“It signifies a lot of things:” Kevin Durant reveals his story…

The opening of the episode is very much interesting. David had invited Kevin to his house and they talked there. The host jokes that he has to keep reminding himself that the Knicks are still in the league.

David followed that up with a question about Kevin’s jersey number. Here at Brooklyn, he’s number 7 but before that he was number 35. “Why change that number?” asked Letterman. Durant explained that when he had torn his Achilles, he wanted to step into this Brooklyn experience, feeling new and feeling fresh. He added that he knew his game was going to be different, and his body was going to be different. Moreover, all his favorite players in the league had multiple numbers. And the seven jersey looked nice in the black and white to Kevin.

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David follows up by asking if the number selection was anything symbolic. “It signifies a lot of things,” clarifies Kevin. “God rested on the seventh day, meaning that what he created was complete. Not that it finished, meaning it wasn’t gonna continue to evolve, but he was done with it at that point,” adds Kevin.

He had decided he will “keep sharpening and adding tools, and keep getting better, but my overall approach is what it is.”

Who knew there was something this deep and symbolic behind Kevin’s jersey.

Story of 35 then?

As David and Kevin talked about Kevin’s game and his childhood, and how his mother was really the one who pushed Kevin to go out and play. Kevin admitted that now he gets her point about why she wanted him to go and play.

Kevin Durant agreed that his mother deserves all the credit but also added that he is here because of his godfather as well. Taras Brown, Kevin’s mentor and godfather, taught him the game. He passed away at the age of 35, and that’s why he wore number 35.

David Letterman is doing something here on the show, which is magical. We get to see Kevin Durant not only as a basketball player but also as a deep, sensible, and sensitive man who believes in doing something good for society. Have you seen this episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction? We insist you watch it and give us feedback here.

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