“I resonated with Chrissy’s struggles…” – Grace Van Dien Opens Up About the Reason for Her Casting in ‘Stranger Things’

“I resonated with Chrissy’s struggles…” – Grace Van Dien Opens Up About the Reason for Her Casting in ‘Stranger Things’

Apart from the lead actors, Stranger Things has many supporting characters like season 4’s Chrissy Cunningham, who was friends with Eddie Munson. The character was a little complex and interesting because of her masked personality. The actress, Grace Van Dien, opened up about how and why she got the part and not others in her YouTube vlog.

Chrissy, who first appeared in the first episode of the fourth season, was the popular girl in her high school. The young actress revealed in her YouTube vlog that the Duffer brothers told her that she “was the only person that played Chrissy sweet.” She also said how maybe other girls who auditioned for the cheerleader must have misunderstood the character. But the American actress got it right because she could resonate with Chrissy. “But I resonated with Chrissy’s struggles and traumas growing up,” said Van Dien.

Chrissy’s popularity made her look mean and rude, but in reality, she was a survivor of depression and issues with her self-esteem. All these qualities must be reflected in whoever played the character. According to the Duffer Brothers, Van Dien got that essence right, and thus, she got the part.

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Van Dien herself had struggles while growing up. Therefore, she could understand Chrissy’s traumas because people had called the actress mean in situations where she thought she was just protecting herself. So, it could combine the struggles of the character and the actress with each other. And this is how she could justify the character as well.

Grace Van Dien speaks about her experience of working in Stranger Things

Since the day the Netflix Original landed, it has become a huge sensation. The show has a wide range of fanbase from all around the world. And Grace Van Dien got to work in a show like this. In her vlog, she revealed how much fun she had while being a part of the show.

When she found out about the show in 2014 or 2015, she immediately became a fan of it. She thought this was something different and cool. She also expressed her gratitude and said this was definitely her favorite acting memory. 

Now, fans are waiting for the final season of the most-loved Netflix show. The final season will connect all the dots and give all the answers to fans.

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Did you like the way Van Dien played Chrissy? Are you also a fan of Chrissy Cunningham? Share your favorite Chrissy moments in the comment box below.

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