‘Hustle’ Star Adam Sandler Calls Philadelphia Sports Fans “actually, the worst” in the World

‘Hustle’ Star Adam Sandler Calls Philadelphia Sports Fans “actually, the worst” in the World

Sports is one of the only unifying elements in this divided world. And for the USA, the sport that brings everyone together is Basketball. Basketball is played in almost every US state and not just at a professional level but even at a lower college level. However, if there is one US state that is crazily passionate about the sport, it is Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. That’s probably why the new Adam Sandler film Hustle is based in the city.

Philadelphians love the game with all their heart and might. Their passion for the game transcends all limits, and Sandler knows this very well. He also knows how critical people of Philly sometimes can get, but it is all out of love.

Adam Sandler appreciates the fans of basketball from Philadelphia

This week, Adam Sandler has garnered a lot of accolades for his role in Netflix’s Hustle. On Wednesday, June 8th, the sports drama picture was finally launched.

Sandler plays Stanley Sugerman, an international scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, in the film. His objective is to uncover the franchise’s “next big thing.”

Sandler’s character finally runs across Bo Cruz, who is played by Utah Jazz star Juancho Hernangomez. Throughout the film, they form a really special friendship.

Since the movie is set in Philly, it is no surprise that Sandler made a statement about Philadelphia’s fan base in the film, which went popular on social media.

“Philadelphia, baby… Best sports fans in the world. Actually the worst, but that’s what makes them the best,” Sandler states in the film Hustle.

Let’s just say that many basketball fans agree with this notion. There is no doubt that Philadelphia sports fans care deeply about their teams.

While they may be excessively critical on their players at times, Philadelphia supporters mostly want their sports teams to succeed. That is what makes them “the best,” as Sandler put it.

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Ever since the film’s release, it has been gaining an appreciation for its performances and authenticity to the sport. Long-time basketball fan Adam Sandler was equally fiery in making the film which is evident in his outstanding performance.

Stream the Hustle only on Netflix. And let us know if you guys also loved Sandler in the film. Share your answers with us in the comments.

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