“He’s brought nothing but…” – The Cast of ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Discuss the Departure of Henry Cavill From ‘The Witcher’ World

“He’s brought nothing but…” – The Cast of ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Discuss the Departure of Henry Cavill From ‘The Witcher’ World

Since 2019, Netflix has brought the fantastic world of The Witcher to life. The show has received wild recognition because of the picturization, the actors, and the effective graphics. The viewers were in love with their favorite character, Geralt of Rivia until he suddenly decided to leave The Witcher world one day. Yes! The departure of Henry Cavill has disappointed his fans and his co-workers. Before the release of The Witcher: Blood Origin, the cast of the prequel appeared in an interview where they talked about the exit of the English actor. 

On Christmas Day, the 25th of December, 2022, Netflix will release The Witcher: Blood Origin. Although loyal fans of Henry Cavill have expressed their disappointment, some of them want to see how Liam Hemsworth would fill the shoes of the previous actor. Meanwhile, the prequel to the show has been in a lot of talks. Recently, in an interview, the cast of the prequel appeared together, and they expressed their feelings about the exit of the actor. 

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Henry Cavill rules the hearts of the cast members

If, as viewers, we cannot see our favorite actor leaving the show, we cannot even imagine how hard it would have been for the actor himself. However, with the return of Superman, Cavill left the world of The Witcher. The cast members like Minnie Driver, Joey Batey, and Lenny Henry discussed the exit of the Man of Steel actor.

While expressing her thoughts, Minnie Driver praised Cavill and remembered the very time we see him on the show. Joey Batey, who plays the character of Jaskier, also expressed his sadness while talking about him. He also praised the Witcher and added, “He’s brought nothing but professionalism and respect for every single person on set.” Joey also said he and Cavill were really close friends as well.

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They all went on to talk about The Witcher: Blood Origins and how they felt about being a part of the show. While the series land on the streaming giant, tell us about your views on the upcoming prequel to The Witcher. 

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