Be Aware! Henry Cavill Once Revealed This Is How He Got True Reviews About His Performance in ‘The Witcher’

Be Aware! Henry Cavill Once Revealed This Is How He Got True Reviews About His Performance in ‘The Witcher’

It becomes extremely important for actors to know what their fans think about their performance in movies or series. Therefore, they try to be in touch with different social media platforms available to know honest reviews about their work. Once, Henry Cavill revealed how he used to get honest reviews about his performance as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. How did the actor use those reactions in his performance?

The Witcher is based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and the video games. As the American streaming giant adapted the novels and games into series, fans instantly loved it. They specifically loved Cavill’s performance. Fans started to make their versions of the Witcher. They also created memes and GIFs about the actor.

While they openly expressed their love for the performance of The Tuders star in the show, Cavill had his own way of knowing the true reviews. Therefore, to know what fans really think, the actor admitted to Vanity Fair he used all the Reddit forums.

He admitted he read all the reviews about his performance. Some of them helped the British actor while others were not helpful. He took them all in and applied the criticism in a constructive way to better his performance. He bettered his way of speaking and the way he acted as Geralt of Rivia in the series.

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However, after season 3 of the show, the Enola Holmes star will not reprise his role as fans’ favorite Witcher. While fans became extremely devastated by the news, they were also excited about the upcoming projects lined up for Cavill.

Henry Cavill has more projects lined up

After getting axed as Superman from the DC Universe and leaving The Witcher, the actor joined hands with Amazon Studios. He will be an executive producer and star of the live-action adaptation of Warhammer 40,000. The actor has also been secured to play the Bond-like character in a war movie, Argylle. He is also rumored to be a part of the upcoming movie in the Avatar franchise.

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The fan-favorite franchise starring the 39-year-old actor, The Man from U.N.C.L.E is also coming up with a sequel as well. Then there is Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Which of his projects are you waiting for? What do you think about Cavill’s way of getting honest reviews? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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