Amidst the ‘House of the Dragon’s’ Intro Nostalgia, Here are 7 Best Intros From Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Amidst the ‘House of the Dragon’s’ Intro Nostalgia, Here are 7 Best Intros From Your Favorite Netflix Shows

The Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon, has been making a lot of noise lately, even among Netflix subscribers. An adaptation of George RR Martin’s book Fire & Blood, the television show closely follows the Targaryen dynasty. The series reveals the fictional world from almost two centuries before the Game of Thrones. While the showrunners Martin and Ryan Condol are being applauded for the excellent storyline and screenplay, there is one more reason that has made the series fan-favorite. 

Game of Thrones has one of the best intro songs in history. Thus, the House of Dragon had a huge legacy to follow. And the HBO show didn’t disappoint the fans. The makers decided to play safe by using the iconic GOT intro that also evoked some nostalgia. The musical masterpiece by Iranian-German composer Ramin Djawadi is being used in HOD as well, but with just different visuals. The stylish House of Dragon intro made us wonder which Netflix shows had the best intros, and we decided to create a list.

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Here are seven Netflix shows that have the best intros as the House of the Dragon

Stranger Things

The first Netflix series that pops up in our mind when it comes to intro songs has to be Stranger Things. The mystery science fiction has one of the most simple yet spooky theme songs that leaves the viewers wanting more. The smooth and serene music has been developed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

It is so good that the duo won the Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. Moreover, what makes the intro more intriguing are the subtle visuals that give just enough hint about what the fans are going to experience throughout the series

Orange Is the New Black

The American comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black is one of its kind as it follows the story of Piper Chapman in a women’s prison. Chapman gets sentenced to a year and a half for a crime she committed a decade ago. The seven-season television show depicts the life of Piper as she meets new people in the prison and gets caught up in unthinkable situations. 

Orange Is the New Black theme song, You’ve Got Time, completely fits the show. Composed by Regina Spektor, the music is catchy and metaphorical. 

House of Cards

Jeff Beal has done a remarkable job with House of Cards intro music. The theme song aptly sets the mood for the crime thriller with its intriguing notes and comforting melody. What makes the song more beautiful is the clashing of melody and bass lines in some parts to make the song intentionally discomforting.

Moreover, the theme song comes up with slight changes every season to give something refreshing to the viewers. 

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman features the life story of a guy who has a brooding personality with almost no smile on his face most of the time. Just like the main character, the title song is less cheerful but is fascinating enough to keep the fans hooked on their screens.

Meanwhile, the story behind the making of the jazzy tune is quite interesting. Patrick Carney made the song just to test the new equipment he had bought. He forwarded the same tune to the BoJack Horseman showrunners, and they believed it was a perfect fit for the comedy-drama. 

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Composed by the Brazilian singer, Rodrigo Amarante, Narcos’ theme song, I Am the Fire That Burns Your Skin, has a permanent place in our hearts. The intro is completely contrasting to the theme, as it is more on the romantic side. Narcos series is about the lives of drug lords and organizations. It is mainly based on Pablo Escobar.

However, the theme song is poetic and beautiful. The different intro reflects the real side of the people. They made it to project the feelings of Pablo Escobar’s mother when he was just a kid. 


Netflix’s three-season fantasy fiction Dark is like an upgraded version of Stranger Things in terms of the darkness and intensity of the characters and the storyline. Just like Stranger Things, Dark also has a compelling intro song.

The German-language drama has a passionate theme song that matches with the tense vibe of the show. Ben Frost was the one responsible for perfectly acing the haunting yet beautiful music. 

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Last but not the least, the series that makes it to our list for having the best intro in Bloodline. The song titled, The Water Lets You In, is perfectly discomforting yet calming. To depict the mood of the show, it has darker undertones. The intro excites the viewers to give Bloodline a try. It is composed by a Los Angeles-based band Book of Fears

How many of the aforementioned intro songs are your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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