After ‘The Gray Man’, Barbie and Ken Make It to ‘The Sandman’ in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

After ‘The Gray Man’, Barbie and Ken Make It to ‘The Sandman’ in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

Netflix streamed the most expensive movie to date, The Gray Man, recently. With a bunch of A-line stars, the movie is an action thriller. Recently, The Sandman also streamed on Netflix, which is the live-action adaptation of the comic book of the same name by Neil Gaiman. The show is also getting an incredible amount of love from all over the world. The Sandman is a fantasy drama, which is hard to put under a single genre. However, a bit of comic element makes some of the darker themes less intense. One such comic element is the reference to Barbie and Ken. Let’s find out more about it.

Ken and Barbie make it to The Sandman

The $200 million movie, directed by The Russo Brothers, has Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Regé-Jean Page, Indian cinema superstar Dhanush, and many talented artists. Ryan and Chris in the movie are enemies. Chris has sent the army of his men to catch Ryan. “Extra ten million to the first guy to put a bullet in this Ken Doll’s brain,” says Chris as Lloyd, encouraging his men to catch the target sooner when his frustration gets too much to handle. Ironically, this reference is for Ryan Gosling (Sierra Six), who will star as Ken in an upcoming movie named Barbie.

Well, this reference to Ken and Barbie is not limited to The Gray Man only. The Sandman, an adaptation of a comic book, also has its very own Ken and Barbie in the show. Barbie first appeared in The Sandman #11 – The Doll’s House. However, she had a minor role in The Doll’s House. So, she would reappear in A Game of You with a far more significant role.

In season 1 of The Sandman, Barbie is a resident of the same apartment building as Rose Walker. She is happily involved with a man called Ken. They make a very yuppie couple. Barbie is used to dreaming of being in a world called The Land. She is the princess there. In her dreams, she often finds her partner Ken cheating on her. And because it has happened in the dream, we see Barbie angry and jealous. Meanwhile, Ken tries to explain to her that it was only a dream.

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When Hal is welcoming Rose and Lyta, Ken and Barbie appear and introduce themselves. And as soon as we hear Ken, our mind displays the picture of Ryan Gosling. However, there is much more to the story and significance of Ken and Barbie in The Sandman as originally, they appear in the later chapters. Till then, stream The Sandman here, and share your thoughts about Ken and Barbie with us.

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