5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Spanish Drama ‘Intimacy’ on Netflix

5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Spanish Drama ‘Intimacy’ on Netflix

Veronica Fernandez and Laura Samiento’s Spanish show tackles the abusive nature of cybercrimes. Intimacy on Netflix offers a case study of victims whose lives get upended after the event. It follows Malen Zubiri, a deputy mayor in Bilbao. Her plans to run for Mayor are paused when her sex tape is leaked. Elsewhere, another woman Ane takes her own life after someone shares her private photos in her workplace.

The subject matter is too heavy but here are 5 reasons why this deserves a place on your watchlist. 

Netflix show Intimacy shines a light on Victim Blaming 

How quickly do we start blaming the victim of cybercrimes? We automatically assume that it’s their fault or they were too naive. Victims of such cybercrimes usually are too embarrassed to take action. They simply slink back into darkness. The show makes a good point of establishing that victim-blaming is wrong and even dangerous. It drove Ane to kill herself without even talking to her sister.

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Status Quo doesn’t matter in Intimacy

Cybercriminals can target anyone. It’s not always the politicians or the celebrities that are victims of cybercrimes. Both Maren, a high-profile politician, and a factory worker, Ane find themselves a target of cybercrimes. It’s nice to see Alicia, the IT crimes division head work relentlessly on both their cases. 

The constant back and forth in Intimacy on Netflix

Intimacy uses a lot of flashbacks to convey its story. Hence, viewers can find the storytelling choice muddy. But it’s important to understand these ladies and their stories to root for them in the present. The show also touched upon systematic sexism. Both politics and factors are still male-dominated fields. 

Important theme and stellar performance 

From Itziar Ituno to Yune Nogueiras to Veronica Echegui all put on impressive performances. Their performance elevates the already great writing. 

The Money heist connection

Money Heist fans will immediately recognize Itziar Ituno. She plays the lead Marsen here. 

Although the latest Spanish offering is a far cry from Money Heist, the subject matter is so relevant in recent times that it’s an important watch.

Watch Intimacy on Netflix now. 

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