4 Scariest Movies on Netflix That Will Leave You Rattled

4 Scariest Movies on Netflix That Will Leave You Rattled

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, you might be excited about the idea of binge-watching some horror films that send chills to your bones. Horror is one genre that Netflix has mastered over the years. The American streaming service is home to some scariest classic horror movies that can drum up tons of scares for the viewers. And in this article, let’s introduce you to some of the scariest movies on Netflix that you shouldn’t miss this Halloween.

4 of the scariest movies on Netflix 

The Green Inferno

The American cannibal horror film, The Green Inferno, definitely features on the top of our list of the scariest movies on Netflix. The film, which was supposed to evoke activism among people, ended up traumatizing them by narrating a horrific experience of Justin and his friend’s travel to the Amazon Forests. The movie showcases a group of friends being hostages to the cannibals.

The college students were returning home after revealing the illegal operations of the logging company in the jungle. However, they were in for a horror ride due to their meeting with the cannibals. The village people show them no mercy as they start killing them one by one to eat their flesh and remain. This is definitely a violent film and you need a brave heart to sit through it. Stream it here.

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The Silence

The 2019-film is another gem produced by Netflix. Often compared with the likes of A Quiet Place, The Silence follows the journey of a family who is trying to escape the dangerous blind flying creatures called vesps. When the world falls prey to the species that hunt their prey by sound, deaf Ally, along with her family, decides to travel in silence.

However, while escaping from the vesps, the family encounters a sinister cult who is desperate to sacrifice Ally for procreation activities. Stream The Silence on Netflix.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

There’s Someone Inside Your House is a perfect suspense-thriller that can rattle you. The story is about the graduating class at Osborne High. The students are attacked by a masked maniac who is hell-bent on killing the children after exposing their deep, dark secrets to the world. What makes the entire fiasco more terrifying is that he murders by wearing the same mask as the child’s face.

The film follows the journey of Makani Young trying to fill the assailant to protect her secrets from getting revealed. Be a part of the journey by streaming the movie on Netflix.


Malevolent offers a fresh take on the supernatural genre that will haunt and entertain you at the same time. The film is all about two siblings namely Jackson and Angela, who run a fraud ghost-busting business. The sibling duo was successfully running the duping business. However, their lives turned upside down with the project of a haunted foster home.

They encounter a petrifying past, with the girls getting slaughtered and all other kinds of violence. Things complicate further with the presence of evil somewhere in the house. Stream Malevolent on Netflix.

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How many of the aforementioned films have you already watched on the streaming platform? Let us know in the comments.  

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