Why Marty’s Only Chance at Freedom Is Death in Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Why Marty’s Only Chance at Freedom Is Death in Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Crime drama, intriguing mysteries, and fascinating stories are a delight for the viewers. The series that embodies these words is Ozark. Since its release, the show has amassed an enormous fan following. The enthralling series involves a Mexican cartel and a man who would do anything in his power to protect his family. In a dire situation, Marty Byrde strikes a bargain with a Mexican drug lord to launder his money in a place with tremendous cash flow. However, as the series draws to a close, his fate in Ozark season 4 part 2 is worth thinking about.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2: Marty Byrde’s fate

Throughout the seasons, Marty Byrde has kept us hooked on his mysterious activities and surreal plans. Significantly, he has managed to keep himself and his family safe from the jaws of the cartel. Initially, the first step taken by him was to move to the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. He planned to set up his operations in the small town and launder money through the local vendors and restraint owners. However, they face several obstacles while doing so.

In Ozark season 4, part 1, we witness the Byrde family as they devise a strategy for Omar Navarro to be captured by the FBI. Though their plan works, they are not free yet. The cartel gets a new successor, Omar’s nephew Javi. As a result, the Byrdes find themselves again in the thick bushes of the cartel business. Even with Omar acting as an informant to the FBI, the cartel succeeds in keeping its operations alive.

After the enactment of various strategies, Marty realizes that freedom from the cartel is an unachievable dream. Significantly, his character arc comes down to death being the only plausible ending in season 4 part 2. As we have earlier witness in season 1, Marty tries to sacrifice himself in order to save his family. The last part of the series might have a similar ending as there is no way out.

The season 4 part 1 started with a flash-forward scene of the Byrde’s minivan toppling and crashing on to the side of the road in order to avoid an incoming truck in the wrong lane. While it may seem quite an uneventful end to Marty’s character arc, the crash may not be the cause of Marty’s demise.

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The Byrde Family

The string of seven episodes in the first part didn’t cover the details behind the car crash. However, after the series of nerve-wracking events the family has been through, the crash surely won’t be an end for them. We witness that, as the series is about to conclude, Marty is the only family member looking for a way out of the cartel. Meanwhile, his wife, Wendy, grows to like her new career as a cartel consultant. Furthermore, with her new surroundings, she grows cold-hearted and ruthless. Her decision to order a hitman on her own brother proves her transition.

Charlotte also enjoys the time in cartel, sets eyes on continuing the family business along with the cartel. She ignores her studies and sidelines her entire career. Jonah, on the other hand, takes a darker turn and establishes his own business as a 14-year-old money launderer.

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The family’s views are entangled on the subject of doing business with the cartel. In Ozark season 4 part 2, we might witness Marty sacrificing himself for the sake of his family. However, what the whole family wants is still unknown. While we wait for answers and the last part of season 4, you can keep streaming all Ozark seasons to come up with your own theories.

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