Netflix Original Anime Series Spriggan: Release Date and Trailer

Netflix Original Anime Series Spriggan: Release Date and Trailer

What is the release date of Spriggan? Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming sci-fi anime series created by David Productions.

Netflix is keen on adding new animes to its ever-expanding library of brilliant shows, TV series, and movies. There are, of course, lots of great anime series that fans can watch as well. Starting Beastars to Demon Slayer or from Sailor Moon to Kuroko’s Basketball, there are some of the popular anime shows in the library. These great anime series and films are already available to stream with more to come. Now with another sci-fi anime Spriggan, fans will get to watch the adaptation of a manga series with the same name.

Written by Hiroshi Takashige, the sci-fi and thriller manga series started its original run back in 1989. With a total of 11 volumes, Spriggan managed to gain a solid fanbase thanks to its interesting world depiction and brilliant characters. The series got its first adaptation in the form of a movie back in 1998. Though it was not the first adaptation as Liquid Mirror Software used Spriggan as a source of inspiration for its computer game in 1999.

After twenty years, Spriggan will get its final adaptation from David Productions who also worked on the hit anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. As Netflix licensed the rights of Spriggan, we will get to watch the series on the popular streaming platform years later. So what is the release date of Spriggan? When will the new anime land on Netflix?

Spriggan Release Date on Netflix

The long-awaited anime series directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi who served Kill la Kill will soon be on Netflix. Although the streaming giant planned to release the series this year, pandemic-related restrictions caused delays in the production. So we know that the series will not hit Netflix in 2021.

Thanks to the official teaser that Netflix shared on its official YouTube account, we know that the series will be coming to the platform in 2022. The streaming service did not give any details regarding an exact release date though.

What is Spriggan about?

After an ancient and powerful civilization leaves mysterious artifacts for generations to come, the world’s nations, private armies and special forces try to find and use them to their own advantage. Though the special units of ARCAM Corporation are also in the fight. Called Spriggans or Strikers, they will do whatever is needed in order to stop their enemies and protect the artifacts.

Here’s the official synopsis of Spriggan:

An ancient alien civilization’s relics on Earth hold dangerous powers. The ARCAM corporation’s Spriggan agents must do everything they can to keep them out of the wrong hands.

Spriggan Trailer

We have seen a couple of teaser trailers of the forthcoming sci-fi anime. The most recent one showing action-packed scenes and hyped-up sequences. So the level of excitement for the anime is definitely high. You can watch the latest trailer video below which also reveals Spriggan’s release date.

Here’s everything to know about the new anime adaptation that will hit Netflix next year.

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