What Is the Korean Show ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Based On? Here Are the Details of the Webtoon

What Is the Korean Show ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Based On? Here Are the Details of the Webtoon

The latest Korean show on Netflix, All of Us Are Dead, has been a tremendous success since its release on 28th January. It achieved number one ranking among the TV shows on Netflix worldwide. Significantly, in this new release, the ground zero of a virus outbreak that turns humans into zombies is a high school. Throughout the series, we witness the students’ desperate will to survive. But did you know the story is based on the Webtoon, Now at Our School, by Joo Dong-geun? Not many know it and for them, here we have mentioned below what the webtoon is about.

Plot summary

All of Us Are Dead revolves around the misfortune of high school students, as they are stuck right in the epicenter of a zombie outbreak. They must do everything in their power to survive. However, no rescue teams are coming their way to evacuate them. Realizing this, the students feel dejected and plan their next steps.

Dr. Lee, a professor of cell biology, was a teacher at the Hyosan High School. His son used to attend the same school; however, he was a major victim of bullying. His son tried to take his own life multiple times. These events pushed Dr. Lee to the edge. As a result, he developed a virus that could turn fear into rage. However, he failed badly and the result of his experiment was a horrifying zombie. After a girl gets bit by a lab hamster infected by the virus, it doesn’t take much time to spread through the entire school like a wildfire.

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As the whole town of Hyosan gets engulfed by the virus, survivors in certain parts of the city face a terrible enemy. The primary focus of the series is on the lives of the students. Significantly, the nerve-wracking show filled with gore and horror is one of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

All Of Us Are Dead webtoon details

This new Korean series is an adaptation of a Webtoon called, Now At Our School, by Joo Dong-geun. The Webtoon officially released on 16th August 2021 worldwide. The official synopsis on the Webtoon site offers us a glance of the horrors that await us throughout the series. From flesh eating monsters to realizing that the monsters trying to get them are their own teachers and friends. The series also provides us with an emotional touch surrounding the friendship of certain classmates. The Webtoon runs for a total of 9 episodes. Furthermore, the visuals and drawings are certain to keep you hooked throughout your reading experience.

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All of Us Are Dead gained recognition from critics and viewers worldwide. The enthralling horror series is a rollercoaster ride of entertainment, fear and emotions. Have you streamed it yet? What are your thoughts on the show?


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