Zack Snyder Begins His Next Chapter With More Movies Coming on Netflix

Zack Snyder Begins His Next Chapter With More Movies Coming on Netflix

When we sit down and ponder about some of the best filmmakers of all time, there is one name that comes up every single time: Zack Snyder. He is well known for establishing a live-action DC franchise along with the Warner Bros. We all fell in love with the work he did with characters from the DC comics. But now it is time to officially enter the new era of films. Zack Snyder and Netflix have now formed a very formidable partnership, and Netflix is just about to prove how serious all this is.

Last year, we saw Snyder give Netflix a massive hit movie, Army of the DeadThe zombie apocalypse trope sure is used way too often. However, Snyder gave us something really amazing with his take on it. The movie also announced the launch of a brand new franchise of movies. His Army of Thieves, a prequel to Army of the Dead, was also released last year.

More Zack Snyder movies are coming to Netflix

Now that Zack Snyder and Netflix are working together closely, they already have some movies that they are working on. But we all definitely crave a little Snyder content, don’t we? Well, luckily, Netflix seems to have the ability to listen to what our heart says and desires. Hence, we have some of Snyder’s movies joining the streaming network really soon!


Netflix already added 300 to its list, which is one of the most celebrated movies directed by Zack Snyder. With the onset of February, two more movies from the director’s resume will join the streaming network. On the very first day of the month, we will have Watchmen and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole available for us to binge.

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The 2009 film, Watchmen, was Snyder’s first attempt at bringing characters from DC comics to life. Even today, one of the most celebrated of Snyder is the opening credit scene of this movie. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, which was released back in 2010, is the only animated feature film Snyder has worked on.

With these movies joining the existing Zack Snyder collection on Netflix, we now have enough content to make us happy.

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