“You’re there, but you’re naked”: Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer Reveal The Weird ‘Stranger Things’ Dreams They Have

“You’re there, but you’re naked”: Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer Reveal The Weird ‘Stranger Things’ Dreams They Have

The adorable couple of Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers have always had a rocky relationship from the beginning. Jonathan is portrayed as a shy person who doesn’t express his feelings whereas Nancy is a smart girl who knows the way of this world. They both definitely have deep feelings but that flame fades at intervals as the couple faces difficulties in understanding each other. 

However, apart from their wavering moments on the show, Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer share an amazing bond in real life. Both of them love spending time together giving major couple goals to their fans while they like to keep their things private. But we keep on getting glimpses of their chemistry at interviews and promotions like we recently saw them together on the British Vogue set. 

The star cast of Stranger Things think about their presentation even in their sleep 

Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer recently stopped by on the set of British Vogue to play a friendly game called ‘Never Have I Ever’. In the video, the couple talked about many things from their favorite cartoon characters to their auditions. So the game was that they had to pick chits from a fishing bowl while showing their boards whether or not they did it. 

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Charlie Heaton came up with the first question: “Never have I ever dreamt of Stranger Things?” To which Natalia replied that the only dream she had about the show is that she reached the set and forgot all her dialogue. 

Whereas Charlie added a line that made Natalia giggle “You are there, but you’re naked“. He said it happens in his dreams that he is standing there waiting for his lines but he also needs clothes. This was Charlie’s mad imaginary world of dreams that all the actors are so indulged with the show all these years they have dreams about it.

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Thus, it’s all the magic of Stranger Things that has not only gripped the attention of its fans but also the actors who love being in that supernatural world. Wanna see this cute couple sharing some chit-chat moments? Watch the whole video of British Vogue! Until then stay with us for more such giggles and chuckles from your favorite show Stranger Things. 

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