“You’re a real one..”, Fans Go Gaga Over Meghann Thee Reporter After Meghan Thee Stallion Wins Case Against Tory Lanez

“You’re a real one..”, Fans Go Gaga Over Meghann Thee Reporter After Meghan Thee Stallion Wins Case Against Tory Lanez

Meghann Thee Reporter trends after Meghan Thee Stallion. The singer has been trending all over Twitter for the case against Tory Lanez. Back in 2020, Stallion criticized the Canadian-born rapper’s music, leading to him shooting her in the feet. She had to get the fragments of the bullet removed from her body.

The singer decided to bring her attacker to justice, and a criminal case began. Keeping fans in the loop during this phase was Meghann Cuniff. The reporter is a specialist in covering crime cases. So when she made the announcement of Meghan Thee Stallion winning the case, the internet not only rejoiced for the singer but also for the reporter.

How Twitteratis celebrated Meghann Thee Reporter after Megan Thee Stallion wins the case

Megan Thee Stallion has had her fan’s support throughout the case against the rapper Tory Lanez. Meanwhile, journalist Meghann Cunnis kept fans updated with every detail of the case’s proceedings through Twitter. It hooked everyone on trial, as people relied on her for updates. She took to Twitter finally to announce Stallion’s win. The rapper may be convicted with 20+ years in prison or be deported to Canada. The internet rejoiced not only rejoiced for the Good News singer but also appreciated Cunnis’ efforts. Lovingly referring to the reporter as ‘Meghann Thee Reporter,’ named after Stallion.

While some reports and news started blaming and attacking Megan Jovon Ruth Pete’s character, Cuniff was praised for unbiased reporting. She would start reporting her news with, “Good morning from Los Angeles.” The opening line stuck with many viewers. Some fans want her to continue following such cases, even the petty ones, just because she is so good at it.

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Cuniff also follows other cases and will continue posting about them on social media. Meanwhile, fans hope there will be some kind of collaboration between Megan Thee Stallion and Meghann Thee Reporter.

Were you following the case, and if yes, did you support Stallion’s win? Put your thoughts in the comments.


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