Your Intrigue About Albert Omstead in Cobra Kai EXPLAINED

Your Intrigue About Albert Omstead in Cobra Kai EXPLAINED

Cobra Kai has cut short our New Year celebrations, but the festive mood prevails. As always, the new season brought many twists and turns, which have left fans with some questions. However, one moment that raised doubts in the Cobra Kai fans was the tribute to Albert Omstead. With no context provided by the showrunners, fans can’t make head or tail of the tribute.

Johnny and Daniel finally buried their hatchet in season 4 to fight Cobra Kai and win the bet. Of course, the hardcore fans noticed every single detail and wanted to know more about Albert Omstead and his role in Cobra Kai. So, let us look at the story behind the tribute.

Albert Omstead’s contribution to Cobra Kai

Most of the viewers believed that Albert Omstead was an actor in the series. However, this is not true, as Albert was a part of the production crew. More specifically, Albert worked in the camera and Electrical Department of the series. So, viewers couldn’t recognize Albert as he hadn’t played any character in the series.

Unfortunately, on July 30, 2021, 11Alive reported about Albert’s death. “A father and husband died in a freak accident after a retaining wall at his home collapsed.” The report read. A GoFundMe page for Albert Omstead’s family has collected $64,578 and is very close to their goal of $75,000.

Albert’s extensive work in the industry

Albert wasn’t a rookie and had previously worked on several films and series in Hollywood. The following projects wouldn’t have been the same without his role:

  • Stranger Things
  • Atlanta
  • The Walking Dead
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Baby Driver
  • Creepshow
  • Sweet Magnolias
  • Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
  • Dead Silent

Our deepest condolences to Albert’s family and friends, who have to deal with a tough time.

Other tributes by Cobra Kai

This isn’t the first time Cobra Kai has paid respects to someone on its team. If you go back to the first season’s 5th episode, “Counterbalance,” the episode honored Pat Morita, who played Mr. Miyagi.

Anyone who has watched that episode will know for a fact that Ralph Macchio (Daniel) wasn’t acting, and it was natural. Although Pat Morita died in 2005, Mr. Miyagi, the character lives until 2011.

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We enjoy every second of Cobra Kai, but we hope this is the last tribute from the series.

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