Your Guide to ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’ Season 3 on Netflix – Check Reviews, Episodes, and More About the Horror Anthology Series

Your Guide to ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’ Season 3 on Netflix – Check Reviews, Episodes, and More About the Horror Anthology Series

Vera Miao’s Two Sentence Horror Stories on Netflix is a horror anthology series that explores the primal fears of humans. Aired on CW Seed, the Two Sentence Horror Stories was picked up by CW later on. Before concluding its second season, creators renewed the anthology series for a third season in September 2020. 

Episodes of Two Sentence Horror Stories on Netflix

Like the previous seasons, Two Sentence Horror Stories is a 10-part series on Netflix. It has a maximum runtime of 30 minutes. 

  • 1: Crush

Twin sisters Mabel and Jane are constantly at loggerheads until they find a common enemy to direct their anger at.

  • 2: Plant life

A tech geek’s boyfriend gifts him with strange-looking plant. As the plant grows, he experiences unusual changes in his body and mind.

  • 3: Toxic 

High Schoolers party hard at the Woods of the Damned. But a horrible prank upends their party. 

  • 4: Teatime

A babysitter is unnerved after finding out the little girl she was babysitting plays with actual evil dolls.

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  • 5: Teeth 

A romantic getaway goes south when the local people hunt down the couple on vacation. 

  • 6: The killer inside 

A lover takes it to extreme lengths to protect their loved one. 

  • 7: Patel motel cartel

A mysterious stranger arrives at the family motel. The only teen in the family has no idea what is about to go down. 

  • 8: Erased 

A woman will do anything to protect her Hawaiian roots and her family. 

  • 9: Heirloom 

A widower and his daughter move into a new place not knowing what horror it has in store for them. 

  • 10: Homecoming 

Three brothers pay a visit to their hometown to see their dying father. But the goodbye proves to be difficult as they come face to face with their past and repressed memories. 

Two Sentence Horror Stories review 

Two Sentence Horror Stories is rated 5.5 on IMDb and has a 77% score on Rotten Tomatoes

Decider says to Skip it, “There are far better-written and creepier anthologies around to waste any time on Two Sentence Horror Stories.” However, Heaven of Horror says it is, “Perfect to be enjoyed as a bite-size horror treat or simply binge-watched for maximum impact.” The entire season 3 of Two sentence horror stories is streaming on Netflix. 

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