Your Guide to ‘The Lighthouse’ Now on Netflix – Should You Watch It? Check Reviews, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

Your Guide to ‘The Lighthouse’ Now on Netflix – Should You Watch It? Check Reviews, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

Robert Eggers is a visionary director. What he did to the horror genre with films like The VVitch and The Lighthouse, has completely changed the way we see the genre. He creates a sense of unrest just with his camera movements and use of sublime music. His last horror film, The Lighthouse, was critically acclaimed not only for its storytelling brilliance but also for exceptional work by the cast. And now The Lighthouse is coming to Netflix for our convenience.

Everything you need to know about The Lighthouse before you decide to stream it on Netflix

It is unbelievable to think that The Lighthouse is Eggers’s second horror film only after the incredibly successful The VVitch. The film has to be among the top ten movies that premiered at the Cannes festival in the year 2019. The movie has many pros but what stands out the most is it’s albeit short yet exceptionally great and telented cast.

Cast and the characters they play

The movie is about isolation and the “deadly” effects of being alone with only your thoughts to keep you company. Thus, it has a really short cast and revolves around two men who take a job caring for an old lighthouse.

Robert Pattinson as Ephraim Winslow- Winslow is the rookie in the film. He was a timberman before. Winslow takes the job at the isolated lighthouse, thinking the separation will give him time to think about his life.

However, the loneliness does him more bad than good. For the majority of the film, we follow Winslow having hallucinations of being troubled by an evil seagull. And if that’s not enough, his only partner on the island is not that great, to say the least.

Willem Dafoe as Thomas Wake-  What creates the most rift and tension in the film is that its two main characters are polar opposites of each other. Where Winsloe is a rookie unaware of sea myths, Thomas Wake has been a sea man all his life. He knows all the tales of the sea and superstitions that sailors need to follow. Many times in the film, it is Thomas, who is creating problems for Winsloe with his constant bickering and drinking problem.

Check out the trailer of the film here.

What is the film about?

The Lighthouse has a pretty perplexing narrative, which gets spoiled within seconds of discussing it. The plot revolves around two who are alone at a lighthouse. To care for it and retain it for a few weeks. As things become bizarre and eerie, the couple loses count of themselves and their time in the lighthouse.

Reviews of The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers is a great filmmaker whose films are not only a commercial hit but are critically acclaimed too.

Just like The VVitch, The Lighthouse too received great reviews upon its release. The film has a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, five stars from John Nugent of Empire, and five stars from Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian.

Is it worth a watch?

We feel that you should definitely, without any excuse should, stream The Lighthouse on Netflix. The film is perfect for a horror movie night as well as a night you are craving for drama and serious cinema.

The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Now that you have everything to know about the movie, will, you be streaming it or not?

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