Your Guide to the Danish Sci-FI Drama ‘Chosen’ on Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Trailer, and More

Your Guide to the Danish Sci-FI Drama ‘Chosen’ on Netflix – Reviews, Cast, Trailer, and More

Everyone knows Netflix keeps adding new stuff almost every other day. However, viewers cannot keep a tab on all of them and might miss some good content. Thus, we are here to tell you about Chosen, the latest addition to the sci-fi genre by Netflix. So, let us look at the trailer, reviews, and more to decipher if this is a series worth your time.

Netflix trailer for Chosen and the cast of the Danish series

Netflix released Chosen on January 27, and the streamer released the trailer on December 20, 2021. It is always a mundane town until it’s not, and then suddenly becomes the most happening place in the world. The town of Middlebo in Denmark awaits a similar faith when a 17-year-old girl and her friends discover aliens in their town.

The 123-second long trailer will remind you of Stranger Things, as the series follows a similar plotline. However, other than that there are no similarities between the two series. Thus, you cannot expect someone from the Stranger Things cast to be in the series. The following stars feature in the Danish series:

  • Malaika Mosendane as Emma
  • Andreas Dittmer as Frederik
  • Mohammed Djeziri as Elvis
  • Andrea Hick Gaddeberg as Marie
  • Albert Rudbeck Lindehardt as Mads
  • Anders Heinrichsen as Lukas
  • Magnus Juhl Andersen as Jonas
  • Marie Louis Wille as Susan
  • Line Kruse as Lykke
  • Rikke Eberhardt Isen as Leyla
  • Henrik Prip as Hans
  • Nicolaj Kopernikus as Adrian
  • Ken Vedsegaard as Thomas
  • Eva Jin as Zannie
  • Victor Pohl as Nikolaj
  • Jonas Munck Hansen as John Dinckler
  • Sarah Rose Clear as Noreen
  • Joer Hojerslev as Svend

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What are the reviews?

Critics almost always provide the complete picture to viewers. Thus, viewers trust the opinions expressed by the critics. Decider says: “STREAM IT. Chosen has a number of places to go with its story. It can lean heavily on the alien invasion piece, or lean more towards the teen-finding-her-people piece. Either way, it looks to be a fun ride.”

Meaww has also given its verdict, saying: “A well-written story is the show’s strength. Episode 1 might seem a bit slow, but it picks up pace during the end moments. After that, the series soars high because of great storytelling and well-crafted characters. The series also has some of the stunning visuals for a sci-fi show.”

What is your first impression of Chosen? Will you stream the Danish series? Let us know in the comments.

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