“Your brain goes befuddled..” – Chris Pine Finally Clarifies the Harry Styles Spitgate Incident, but Fans Remain Unsure

“Your brain goes befuddled..” – Chris Pine Finally Clarifies the Harry Styles Spitgate Incident, but Fans Remain Unsure

The spitgate incident involving Harry Styles has resurfaced yet again, but with a clarification. There was excitement to see Styles and Chris Pine work along with Olivia Wilde for their 2022 movie Don’t Worry Darling. But instead of the movie, it was one split moment during their appearance which became a hot topic.

Months after the incident, Chris Pine revealed to Esquire, how his co-star is actually a nice guy and did not do any such thing. It was a result of jet lagging. “When you’re doing these press things, your brain goes befuddled and you start speaking gibberish,” he said. There was an inside joke between him and styles about how they may speak gibberish in front of the media after being tired. So in the clip, the singer did not spit, but said it’s just words isn’t it.

A clip went viral in September last year from Don’t Worry Darling’s press conference, which gave the idea that Wilde and Pine were sitting when the Grammy winner made an entrance, quickly spat on Pine, and then took a seat. The Contractor actor immediately looked down in the video and gave a questionable smile, resulting in the outroar amongst fans. Fans then termed it the “spitgate incident” taking inspiration from slapgate and pizzagate.

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Pine, who was unaware of it all at first, was asked by his publicist to clarify. But responding so late may not have worked so well. While appreciating the actor, fans still do not seem convinced about the incident.

Fans are not buying Chris Pine’s clarification of the split gate incident with Harry Styles

Chris Pine may have given a clarification, but fans keep pointing back at the actual video, trying to prove that it all actually happened. While another one stressed the tense body language in it. One fan claims that the actor was forced to be silent while another thinks that the actor defended it because he is nice. Another one can’t believe the actor took so long to comment and still lied.

Even Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde gave the same jet lag explanation for it. Meanwhile, another video of the incident from a different angle shows no spitting moment. There are fans who think the issue is not big or important enough anymore. But now that it has resurfaced, the speculations over it all continue.

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Do you think the slap gate incident actually occurred or Chris Pine is right? Put your opinions in the comments.

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