“Your body won’t be looking as good”- How ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Almost Ended Up With the Wrong Fitness Routine

“Your body won’t be looking as good”- How ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Almost Ended Up With the Wrong Fitness Routine

Henry Cavill is known for his high-profile roles in movies and shows like Man of Steel, The Witcher, and Enola Holmes. While his physique has remained the most definitive part of his personality since Superman. Fans always wonder how the 39-year-old star maintains this kind of fitness. It might look mesmerizing for people to just take a look but it takes so much consistency and hard work. As these goals are not achieved in a single day and Cavill has given years to keep his muscle toned.

MuscleTech is a supplement company that the Immortals star has been using for his day-to-day diets. Since a balanced diet plays a crucial role in building physical fitness and regular workout routines. The British actor has learned a lot about fitness and health all these years. However, there was a time when he almost ended up with the wrong fitness routine.

Henry Cavill opened up about making mistakes in diet and supplements

In a 2021 interview with GQ, Henry Cavill talked about his Superman fitness routine and physical training. During the conversation, the Enola Holmes 2 star revealed how he started skipping his protein shake before bed. However, his trainer noticed the change in his body after a few weeks and asked him about it.

This is when the actor realized that he has been doing it wrongly so the trainer told him the importance of taking protein shakes. He said that a person takes fewer calories and does a lot of training which is why this supplement is necessary.

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“So actually what you’re doing is you’re losing muscularity while you sleep. So your body won’t be looking as good,” explained the trainer to the Black Adam star.

Moreover, the Night Hunter star believes that mental health is equally important to physical fitness. Especially when it comes to maintenance. Enjoy doing it, get good at it, then get really good at it,” said the actor. According to him, instead of doing what they love people should find something they hate and then end up loving it. The Justice League star is returning as Superman and fans might get to know more about his fitness and training.

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