“You’ll probably kill..” – Henry Cavill Once Revealed How Tom Cruise Stopped Him from Doing a Stunt for ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ in 2018

“You’ll probably kill..” – Henry Cavill Once Revealed How Tom Cruise Stopped Him from Doing a Stunt for ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ in 2018

Henry Cavill once wanted to be a superhero in real life as well but was stopped by Tom Cruise. After having worked in so many action movies, the Man of Steel actor wanted to take his adventures a step ahead. But while he was not afraid to do so, his crew members needed to take a stand for his own safety.

After gaining much-deserved appreciation and fame from playing Superman, the entertainer was thrilled to work in a different role. Getting to work with Tom Cruise was not only an honor but also an opportunity for him to experiment. But he almost went too far, until Cruise stopped him.

Why did Tom Cruise stop Henry Cavill from doing on the sets of Mission Impossible: Fallout?

Tom Cruise is unarguably the king of risky stunts. But even he took a step down when his co-star wished to do a particular stunt by himself. As per FandomWire, Cruise told Cavill, “if we do the sequence in the air without you having hundreds of hours of training, you’ll probably kill everyone’. He was referring to The Witcher actor wanting to do the Halo jump. He tried to convince Cruise for meeting him join him in C-17 to jump with a parachute on and assured of doing it well.

The experienced senior actor could understand his excitement but explained how it could prove to be fatal for everyone. For the British actor, the excitement was built up since his own brother and close friends in the forces and have done this before.

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Regardless, the actor had to abide by his senior’s precautionary measure. Although the movie was not short on any other action stunts.

A look back into the duo in Mission Impossible- Fallout

This was the first and only time that Henry Cavill played a bad boy in a movie. Barring the Halo scene, he did do rest of the stunts on his own. But it wasn’t just his character and stunts that garnered attention.

The actor’s mustache look was a surprising and much-discussed exception from his regular clean-shaven looked for his heroic roles. As for the stunts, Tom Cruise has been his inspiration all along for wanting to do things on his own. He wanted to give a well-deserved show to the audience.

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Do you think Tom Cruise was right in stopping Tom Cruise from the stunt? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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