“You never gonna sell no…” – When Kanye West Met His Biggest Critic in Then 5-Year-Old Daughter North West

“You never gonna sell no…” – When Kanye West Met His Biggest Critic in Then 5-Year-Old Daughter North West

Kanye West emerged as a dark horse in the fashion industry, as many only knew him to be a Grammy-winning genius rapper. However, his artistic intelligence did not stop at music. His lyrics were always a clear giveaway that Ye has as much respect for himself as fans do, and he was determined to climb up to cloud nine. And so he did. Within years, Kanye West expeditiously defined himself as one of the most respected entities in the fashion industry. However, the ‘I Am a God’ singer is only a mortal and so he couldn’t have done it alone.

A saying as old as time goes, “Behind every successful man, there stands a woman,” and it stands true even for a rapper as unconventional as Kanye West. And for him, the woman happens to be his eldest yet still a preteen, North West.

North West sets the standards for Kanye West’s designs

Apart from his billion-dollar sneaker line, the rapper is also one fine fashionista. His sense of style has made way for some of the most followed trends in fashion. While the world edges him higher, there is someone who humbles Kanye West. In a 2018 interview with Chicago’s Power 92, Ye confessed that he wasn’t really the boss in the house. He further revealed a hilarious incident when they were designing a bubble wrap dress and she said, “You didn’t hold the plastic right, you never gonna sell no clothes like this,”.

To hear that Kanye West, whose designs prove to sell over any controversy that he gets involved in, gets told by a toddler that he won’t sell clothes, is definitely hilarious.

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A lot has changed since then and looks like North West has realized that her father is the true deal if the video of her cosplaying him on TikTok is anything to go buy.

Does the rapper sell clothes?

The rapper sells sneakers and clothes under his brand, Yeezy. While his primary focus had been sneakers for a while now, with millions racking in, it soon dawned on him that his clothing line would be a success as well. Soon followed a deal with GAP, which, according to an estimate by CNBC, could result in a $1 billion profit.

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While everything soon came falling for Kanye West as he went from making bubble dresses with North West to racist t-shirts at Paris Fashion Week, one wonders if he can still make a fashion empire by his name. Let us know in the comments below.

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