“You look stunning” – When Selena Gomez Was Overwhelmed to See Billie Eilish Wearing THIS Luxury Brand in Vanity Fair

“You look stunning” – When Selena Gomez Was Overwhelmed to See Billie Eilish Wearing THIS Luxury Brand in Vanity Fair

Having more than 100 million followers on Instagram, Billie Eilish has become the sensational voice of America in a few years of her career. The 20-year-old superstar is known for her whispering yet enthrallingly amazing singing style. She has racked up several notable awards, including seven Grammys, two Guinness World Records, and an Academy Award.

Billie’s career is at its peak and she is also becoming an impressionable face in the fashion industry. This young star’s style shows her unshakeable self-assurance and indeed she has a unique taste. The singer’s signature style includes streetwear, baggy outfits, colored hair, and natural makeup looks. Everyone loves the ultra-modern aura she dons wherever she goes.

Falling in love with her look, Selena Gomez once felt overwhelmed to see her wearing a luxury brand in Vanity Fair.

Billie Eilish sported Selena Gomez’s beloved makeup brand in Vanity Fair

Last year, Selena Gomez shared a photo of Billie Eilish looking all glam on the cover page of Vanity Fair. The Look at Her Now singer reposted the photo from makeup artist Robert Rumsey, as her Instagram story.

“Icon @billieilish is wearing @rarebeauty on the cover of vanity fair!! Low key freaking out…😊 You look stunning!” she wrote on the post. The 30-year-old star was thrilled to see that her makeup brand was used for the shoot. In the photo, the Ocean Eyes singer had a bright natural look with mascara and flushed lips.

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The Monte Carlo star launched her beauty brand in September 2020 at Sephora, US. Her makeup range first started with lip products, blush, foundation, luminizer, and concealer. Right from the beginning, Rare Beauty received a positive response from customers and was hyped on social media.

Selena Gomez loves the songs of No Time to Die singer

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Selena Gomez fangirled over Eilish, saying she is one of her favorite singers. She praised the Eilish how she has a connection with her songs and understood everything at a young age.

“When I heard that song, I just sobbed because I’ve been doing this for so long and it’s like, ‘damn, that’s so true,'” remarked the Calm Down singer. She loved Billie’s 2019 song Everything I Wanted, which Billie wrote and composed with her brother Finneas O’Connell. The Spring Breakers star deeply resonated with the song and said that the singer deserves all this success and fame.

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