“You look like something out of…”- Will Smith Leaves Fans Wheezing as He Shares Some “Cute” Arts Just One Day Before ‘Emancipation’ Release

“You look like something out of…”- Will Smith Leaves Fans Wheezing as He Shares Some “Cute” Arts Just One Day Before ‘Emancipation’ Release

Will Smith was unpleasantly surprised with the art version of himself. After months of being undercover, the actor has started making social media appearances again. He has been busy shooting and then promoting his Apple TV+ movie Emancipation for a while now.

But the 54-year-old managed to make time for fun. After all, he started his career doing comedic roles. After the Oscars drama, the entertainer seems to be going back to his humorous self, laughing and posting light content for his fans on social media. In a recent one, we got to see different versions of the actor as an art.

Fans react hilariously to art pictures of Will Smith posted by him

Will Smith shared some amazing art of his own face on Instagram. But the actor does not seem very pleased with the AI versions as he captioned, “Uhh how y’all getting that cute art?? I must be doing it wrong. I look like an old ass young ass old person.” The first picture was of a hunky shirtless Smith, and the second one was a black and white version, while the third had pierced ears and a more hip-hop vibe to it. The last picture had a rather hilarious art of him dazzling in white diamond-shaped earrings. It sent fans into a laughter frenzy.

President of Westbrook media, Brad Haugen also commented on the post. His own Instagram profile has a post of his AI versions. Jabari Banks, who leads in the remake of Will Smith’s Fresh Prince, also shared his laughter on the post. One fan joked about how the last picture looked like Smith’s daughter Willow. While another one compared the art to an alien from the movie Men in Black, in which Smith plays a government alien-hunting agent.

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Regardless, the actor looks cute in the photos and has experience with animation as he worked for the movie Spies in Disguise in 2019. What did you think of his animated versions, and which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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