“You just completely forget your own life” – Millie Bobby Brown Weighs in On Switching From One Character to Another

“You just completely forget your own life” – Millie Bobby Brown Weighs in On Switching From One Character to Another

Simultaneously running multiple errands is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, that is definitely not the case with the Enola Holmes scene stealer, Millie Bobby Brown. While switching from Eleven to getting accustomed as Enola to having again switched back to El for the finale of the Strangers Things saga, she has slayed it all. But ever wondered how she does that? 

After Enola Holmes 2’s massive blockbuster release on Netflix, the 18-year-old star has been interviewed by a slew of news media and publishing houses. As of the latest, SAG-AFTRA Foundation also got a chance to sit with Millie Bobby Brown and learn about her versatile acting skills. The star reportedly explained how she has been working non-stop for four months, every day. All of it while maintaining her characters and alter-egos, making sure that they do not collide with one another. 

Millie Bobby Brown explains her shifting of characters from Eleven to Enola 

The host posed a flurry of questions before the star to gain some enlightenment on acting and screenplays. This was the correct warm-up for all the aspiring actors in the industry. The young maestro elaborated on how she has been managing to get herself accustomed to all her characters. The key to all of it, according to Brown, has always been “complete and utter attention” to what she was doing. Speaking out of the experience, Brown proceeded to explain that “you just completely forget your own life.

Explaining the filming process further, she said once she starts a film’s production, she needs to stop who she is. In the course of adapting to her characters, she told how swiftly she had to switch to Enola from Eleven in no time. This included digging up Enola’s voice, her personality, and oh, also some scoldings from Harry Bradbeer, the British director. 

She threw some more light on how shortly after Stranger Things she took up her nature as Enola. Brown said, “I landed from Eleven on a Friday, and was fitting in a costume for Enola, on Monday.This clearly explains how tough a schedule the star has had for a couple of months straight. Nevertheless, she has always shone brighter than ever in all her on-screen performances. 

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What do you think about Brown’s approach to handling two different characters at the same time? Relish her marvelous versatility reflected in her acting as Enola, in Enola Holmes 2, exclusively on Netflix.

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